Constellium receives easement for road access


The Bartow-Cartersville Second Joint Development Authority met Tuesday morning about a request for a temporary access easement for a new industrial park business.

The second JDA is in charge of the land that is being used to construct Highland 75 Industrial Park, located on 782 acres one mile east of Interstate 75 at the Cass-White Road exit.The meeting was called for the newest company Constellium, a producer of aluminum parts for cars that will be purchasing lots for its new building on land the second JDA owns. Constellium hired Seefried Industrial Properties of Atlanta to build the new building and is requesting a temporary easement allowing it to use Great Valley Parkway until the completion of a new road by Bartow County provides access to the building.“Friday at 4 o’clock, we received an email from the attorneys at Constellium stating that their lenders require them to have some sort of confirmation that they will have some sort of access to the property before they close,” said attorney David Archer. “Seefried, the company building it, is the one who sent the email to us.”Archer discussed the significance and reasoning behind the request for the easement and answered all questions regarding the access to the facility and new road being built.“This is for their lender who has to show, based upon their development plans, where all of their access is at,” Archer said. “The easement does expire whenever the road is dedicated to the county.”“They will have access off of that road on their property when the road is built,” he said. “Until the road is built, their access is going to be off of Great Valley Parkway because that’s the only temporary drive permit that the county is going to give them.”When asked when the construction of the new road to the Constellium building would start, Archer said he was not 100 percent certain, but had a rough prediction at this time: “I will know that sometime this afternoon, but the last email I received this morning, it seems like the goal was to actually start construction about April 1. And I do not know what the ending date is, but I will hopefully find that out at the end of the day.”“Permanently, what will happen is, once the road is dedicated and built by the county, they will have three driveways off of that new road,” he added.The next meeting for the first and second JDA will be held at noon on Feb. 16 at the Clarence Brown Conference Center.