Construction at CHS leads to new campus traffic pattern


On-campus construction is forcing changes in the traffic pattern at Cartersville High School for the 2018-19 school year.  

Parents, students and visitors who will be driving on campus during the upcoming academic year need to familiarize themselves with the changes being made in the traffic flow due to the construction of the new athletic facility at the north end of Weinman Stadium.

"We will have many signs and information posted indicating the flow of the new traffic pattern," Director of Facilities and Operations Ken Paige said. "It is important to remember that there will be some minor inconveniences regarding traffic and parking when completing a project of this magnitude. However, our main objective is to ensure our students, parents, staff and the public are safe during the construction process."

According to the new plan, which is posted on the school district's Facebook page, cars that are dropping off or picking up students may use the main entrance roundabout on Church Street or Entrance 2 on Dixie Avenue, exiting with a right turn only onto Nelson Street.

Student drivers and faculty/staff can access their parking lots only by using Entrance 2.

Buses will enter the campus from Tennessee Street and exit by left turn only onto Nelson Street.

The construction site as well as the construction staging area around the Storm Center will be off limits to parents, visitors and students who drive or walk to school.

The plan, which was developed by system and school-level administrators, will go into effect when school starts Aug. 8 and will remain in use until construction is completed next summer, Paige said.   

Additional staff and district personnel will be "positioned throughout the campus" to help with the traffic flow during the first few days of school, the director said. 

"We typically do this at all of the schools at the beginning of the school year," he said.

But Paige is expecting very few problems with the new pattern.

"Typically, for the first couple of weeks of the new school year, we expect to experience heavy traffic volume around all of our schools," he said. "However, as students and parents learn the new traffic pattern, we believe the problems associated with it will be minimal."

On-campus drivers, however, need to "keep in mind that we expect our largest class ever to be enrolled at Cartersville High School, due to the size of last year's eighth-grade class," he added. 

The school system also posted other guidelines that drivers need to follow: 

  • Students are not allowed to exit or enter a vehicle unless they are within the designated unloading/loading zones, including when entering the Main Entrance and Entrance 2.
  • Vehicles are prohibited from driving around another vehicle while students are unloading or loading within the Entrance 2 zone.
  • Parents always must be aware of the constant flow of pedestrian traffic — students and staff — while on the school campus.
  • The use of a cellphone, iPad or any other hand-held electronic device while operating a motor vehicle on the school campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Abandoning a vehicle when dropping off a student in the Main Entrance or Entrance 2 unloading/loading zones is prohibited.
  • During the school's hours of operation, parking a vehicle within the Main Entrance unloading/loading zone is prohibited.