GDOT tabs realignment costs at $2.1 million

County reopens bids for Glade Road project


Last month Bartow County opened bids for a project to horizontally and vertically realign Glade Road from Wild Flower Trail to Camp Drive — a notoriously curvy stretch of roadway that has seen its fair share of crashes over the years, including some that have been deadly.

Apparently, the contract proposals weren't up to snuff with the county's standards — all of the submissions entered after the June 11 bid date were rejected.

"The county found some discrepancies," said Bartow County Transportation Planner Tom Sills. "With a federal project, there are a number of certifications, and we found some issues. Some didn't have certifications or they were not completed."

The county is reopening bids for the project on July 19 — this time with an updated checklist to ensure applicants meet federal requirements before they throw their proverbial hats into the ring.

Per Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) documents, the scope of the project is a little under half a mile. Construction is expected to begin about 100 feet north of Glade Road's intersection with Clark Circle and end about 400 feet north of its intersection with Camp Drive.

According to GDOT's estimates, the construction cost of the project is estimated at $2.1 million.

"The project is federally funded, less than a mile long and it's going to basically straighten out the curves that exist between Wild Flower Trail and the Allatoona Resource Center to the north," Sills said. "It will make it a much safer area for transport."

The project will also create what Sills describes as a "much-needed amenity" in the area — a stretch of sidewalk along that section of the roadway.

Considering the zig-zagging layout of that portion of Glade Road, Sills said it's practically impossible to safely navigate the curves in the area while traveling at the posted speed limit. 

"The road itself has some pretty serious alignment issues, that have in the past, resulted in some accidents and some fatalities, even," Sills said. "We wanted to get those issues corrected, particularly, as that road does serve Lake Allatoona, which is a major recreational resource."

Sills said 80 percent of the construction costs are being paid via federal dollars. Local funding will be used to pay off the remaining 20 percent of project costs.

He said he's optimistic realignment will get started before fall. "My hope is that we can have the project underway by the end of August," Sills said.

The same day bids open for that project, the county will also begin accepting applications for a major Cass-White Road reconstruction project.

"It extends from Colonel Way, which is the entrance to the Cass High and White Elementary schools and goes eastward, mainly on the existing roadway, but then it veers off and creates a railroad bridge that will then terminate on U.S. 411 at a new location," Sills said. "The existing Cass-White intersection will be dead-ended and that at-grade railroad crossing on that road will be removed."

Not wanting to ward off any potential bidders, Sills said the county isn't publicizing their estimates for construction costs on that project just yet. GDOT, however, has tabbed their construction cost estimates for the project at $6.2 million.

Sills said he expects the project to get underway about two-to-six weeks after the bid is awarded. The total construction time, he projected, would be about 24 months.

He also announced the federal government plans on funding the repaving of Chitwood Cove Road and McKaskey Creek Road, two access roads leading to the Upper Stamp Creek Campground and McKaskey Creek Campground, respectively. However, Sills said the county will have to wait a while before the funding rolls in — he said the money for the project won't be available until the start of the 2020 federal fiscal year on Oct. 1, 2019.