EVHS showing off facelift Wednesday


After two weeks of substantial renovations, the Etowah Valley Humane Society’s operations will be back in full swing this week.

Still putting the finishing touches on the facility, the Cartersville nonprofit is expected to reopen its doors to the public tentatively on Wednesday.

“It’s just a tremendous time,” EVHS Director Bryan Canty said. “[A] four-and-a-half-year dream of replacing this floor and having renovations done has finally come to fruition. And it seems almost surreal ... because when we left yesterday, the painter was still working.

“We came in this morning and you see the office area — it almost looks like a clinic, just because everything is just so clean and fresh looking.

“It’s just not a look that we’ve been used to seeing. Especially with no furniture being in, you can really appreciate what went into this project.”

The updates, which included flooring, general repairs and painting, were funded by a private donor.

“We had new flooring for the entire shelter, including in the kennel runs,” Canty said. “It was a two-part epoxy resin that was poured over the existing floor. It’s very, very aesthetically pleasing.

“It brightened up the whole area. We painted the entire interior of the facility, did some much-needed repairs to doors, made some replacements as well — just things that we would not regularly be able to do while we were open to the public.”

While the animals were transported to temporary locations — nearly 20 cats placed in foster homes and about 45 dogs staying at an off-site facility, adoptions still continued at EVHS’ dog park.

“We read our emails and we [looked] at inquiries through Petfinder and other outlets to see what people are interested in,” Canty said. “We would try to bring those pets the following day to accommodate what their wishes were. Typically during the week, we brought maybe seven or eight dogs and three to five cats, and then on Saturday we brought about 15 dogs and about six cats.

“I know the first week, we did nine adoptions, and I think we did close to that many the second week. So even though those numbers aren’t typical of ours, they were still animals’ lives that were saved and placed into loving, forever homes, and that’s the bottom line.”

Opened in 2006, EVHS’ 4,928-square-foot shelter at 36 Ladds Mountain Road costs about $250,000 per year to operate.

The facility consists of two staff offices, a quarantine room, two visitation rooms, temperature-controlled kennel runs, a cat room with about 24 cages, a puppy room with more than 20 cages, outdoor kennel runs and an on-site dog park.

“I think as soon as they come in it’s going to be a big difference to what we’ve had,” EVHS Adoption Coordinator Malena Evans said. “It’s going to be more inviting absolutely. It’s a brighter, happier place to be.

“The overall vibe, I think, is going to improve the preconceived notion, I think, that a lot of people have as far as walking in here.

“... It’s just going to be a feel good place. We don’t want people coming in here feeling sorry for the animals. A lot of them are like, ‘Oh, I feel so bad, I don’t want to go back there.’ But these animals are safe, and they’re happy, and they’re loved and they’re taken care of. They’re just waiting on homes. We want people to want to come, to be able to ... say, ‘Oh, everything looks wonderful, you’ve got to go visit.’”

For more information about the EVHS, call 770-383-3338 or visit http://www.etowahvalleyhumane.org