Library to celebrate 50 years of ‘Star Trek’


Fifty years ago, a television show boldly went where few television shows had gone before. And 50 years later, “Star Trek” continues to attract devoted fans and rake in the money from several spinoffs and feature films.

To celebrate the cult classic’s milestone anniversary, the Cartersville Public Library has invited Barry King and Mike Clark from WBHF to present a program on “Star Trek” at 50: Boldly Going Strong Saturday from 2 to 4:30 p.m. in the Nathan Dean Meeting Room.

“When we brainstormed about things of a cultural significance celebrating milestone anniversaries this year, ‘Star Trek’ was on top of the list and something we wanted to celebrate during our Celebration Summer adult summer reading program,” Adult Services Coordinator Amanda Monson said. “It’s gained a renewed popularity in recent years due to the film reboots, and pretty much everyone knows ‘Star Trek’ even if you don’t watch it.”

Monson said she thinks there are several reasons the show has remained part of popular culture for so long.

“‘Star Trek’ came about at just the right time in pop culture when there was a real interest in space travel and anything involving space and science fiction,” she said. “They found an audience and, as the decades progressed, could build on the show’s mythos and reinvent themselves and capture the imagination of dedicated fans. The show has created its own universe that fans can immerse themselves in, much like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Harry Potter’ and can be a great form of escapism.”

“It's a combination of the writing and the production values along with the great characters [that have made it last],” said King, who actually started watching the animated series on NBC in 1974 before he ever saw the original series.

Monson said the radio duo did a Superheroes 101 program on fan conventions last year that was “very well-received.”

“I knew they are particular ‘Star Trek’ fans, and the whole situation seemed kismet,” she said. “They were among the first people I contacted to plan for summer programs.”

“He won a contest to appear in the film and was chosen, and it was a wonderful experience. And he's going to share that,” King said about his and Clark’s good friend.

“We’re hoping for a lot of ‘Star Trek’ and sci-fi fans as well as people looking to learn more about ‘Star Trek,’” Monson said. “Come out to the Bartow County Library Saturday and help celebrate ‘Star Trek’s’ 50th with us,” King said.

“Live long and prosper.”