Library wraps up adult reading program with escape challenge


Imagine having less than an hour to escape from a gang of attacking zombies.

That's exactly what groups will be facing during Friday's Escape the Room Challenge at the Cartersville Public Library at 429 W. Main St. 

The library is jumping on the trendy-game bandwagon to offer groups a free puzzle-room activity that also serves as a great team-building exercise.  

"This is a very unique approach to library programming — and also happens to be the end of the summer reading program for adults and we’re very excited about it," Adult Services Coordinator Nicole Oderisi said. "Escape-room challenges have become a popular way for libraries to incorporate 'gamification' into programming. It is very trendy right now, and we loved the idea of bringing people together through an interactive, live adventure game. We also thought this would be a great team-building exercise for our local businesses and organizations." 

Up to 15 groups will be placed in the library's larger study rooms and will have 45 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to Escape the Zombie Attack.   

"If the time runs out and the puzzles have not been solved, they do not win the challenge," Oderisi said. "We are on a strict schedule, so it will be very important that groups do not go over the allotted time."

Groups that would like to participate must sign up for a specific time, and only three slots remained as of Tuesday — noon, 1:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. 

To register, call 770-382-4203, ext. 138.

Oderisi said the escape room is the perfect ending for this year's reading program, which was "one of our most successful programs on record."

"We knew this [escape-room] program would require a lot of preparation and work on our part, and we wanted to end our summer reading program with a bang," she said. "We had over 700 adults register for the program, nearly four times as many as in years past. We’re hoping we were so successful this year because all staff are excited and involved; we have great prizes for completing the summer reading challenge; and our programs have been fun and innovative."