Opioid overdose leads to wild chase


Cartersville Police officers had their hands full Sunday as they attempted to arrest a seemingly impaired man who was asleep in his car at the McDonald's restaurant at 1130 West Avenue.

The first officer arrived Sunday night and discovered a man, later identified as Trenton Dooley, asleep at the wheel in the drive-through lane. The car was slowly rolling, so the officer asked him to place the vehicle in park. Dooley struggled to find the gear shift, missing it twice before finally getting the car in park. 

When the officer asked Dooley to step out of the vehicle, he refused, then began driving away. The officer pursued the vehicle on foot, commanding him to stop, but Dooley left the restaurant and turned onto West Avenue, crossing over the median and almost entering the other lane of travel.

The officer pursued Dooley in his patrol vehicle and attempted to stop him at the intersection of West Avenue and Henderson Drive, but Dooley continued moving forward. 

The officer approached the vehicle and again commanded him to exit the vehicle. When Dooley refused again, the officer opened the driver’s door and took Dooley by the arm and commanded him to place the vehicle in park and exit the vehicle. 

At that point, Dooley began resisting forcefully and the officer, while calling for backup, struggled to place the car in park and remove him from the vehicle. An unknown civilian assisted the officer in unbuckling Dooley’s seatbelt and attempted to place the vehicle in park. 

As backup arrived, Dooley again attempted to accelerate his car, this time in reverse toward one of the patrol vehicles, but the backup was able to get the vehicle in park and engage the emergency brake. 

Dooley continued to resist, but the officers and the unknown person were able to disengage Dooley’s arms that were locked around the steering wheel and pulled him to the pavement.

Dooley’s right arm remained tucked under his body and as the officer grappled for Dooley’s arm, Dooley bit him several times.

In the chaos, the unknown helper left.

Dooley was transported to the Bartow County Jail, where upon arrival, his blood oxygen level had dropped below 20. Jail medical staff administered two doses of Narcan, a nasal form of naloxone, a drug used to combat opioid overdose, and he was transported to Cartersville Medical Center.

Later that night, Dooley was discharged and taken into custody. 

While searching Dooley, officers found a white powdery substance, suspected to be Fentanyl, in his wallet. After being advised of his Miranda rights, Dooley admitted that the white powder in his wallet was most likely Fentanyl, and that he had taken it at McDonald's before officers came in contact with him.

Dooley was charged with possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, crossing guard lines with weapons, intoxicants or drugs without the consent of the warden or superintendent, simple battery against a police officer, police dog or corrections or detention officer, reckless driving, improper backing, failure to maintain a single lane, D.U.I. (drugs), fleeing/attempting to elude police and two counts of willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.