‘Senior Shenanigans’ rehearsals start Sept. 11


Known for making “light of the foibles of aging,” the “Senior Shenanigans” production will kick off rehearsals Sept. 11. Presented by The Grand Theatre, the offering will showcase the talents of Bartow’s 50-and-older performers.

“We have some participants who have been involved for over 20 years,” said Terri Cox, who will codirect the production along with Angie Alexandersen. “On the other hand, each year we welcome those who have never been on a stage before. Your involvement can be as small or as large as you choose. And we are always looking for ‘new blood.’

“Part of the fun of beginning a new year is that we don’t really know what the show will entail. We do lots of short, comedic skits, pantomime songs, do dances and sing songs. We like to make light of growing older, and yet we also like to mix in current pop culture. Last year, two of our guys dressed up as The Blues Brothers and did a pantomime to ‘Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.’ The audience loved it. Richard Alexandersen, one of our younger members, even did a cartwheel. The Blues Brothers returned for the finale when Loretta Brown sang ‘Respect’ with a chorus line of waitresses.”

Initially an offering of the Cartersville Medical Center’s former Senior Friends program, “Senior Shenanigans” is now under the umbrella of The Grand Theatre.

“‘Senior Shenanigans’ began as part of a senior citizen outreach of Cartersville Medical Center back in 1993,” Cox said. “They contacted our technical director at the time, Don Kordecki, who agreed to direct the show. Years later when the hospital discontinued their program, the sponsorship was taken over for two years by the Cartersville/Bartow County Cultural Arts Alliance, and now is a regular program of The Grand Theatre. Nida Financial Group has sponsored the show for the last three years.

“The Grand Theatre decided to continue the program due to its huge popularity in the community. We see the joy it brings to the participants and the audiences. The key to its success is that it helps us all learn to take on the challenges of aging with strength and positivity. Being able to laugh and make light of the foibles of aging helps us make it through.”

After being conducted every Monday at 1 p.m. until the week of Thanksgiving, rehearsals will continue in January and culminate with the production Feb. 17, 2018.

“We all have a good time, and I enjoy that,” said Wanda Capellaro, a Cartersville resident, who has participated in the “Senior Shenanigans” production for about nine years. “We get together once a week, and we practice and practice and practice. Then, we come out with this production that people seem to love. I think the one [role of mine] that people comment on the most was when I [portrayed] Mae West. ... I [also] enjoyed being in the play that Terri [Cox] wrote.

“It’s a lot of fun,” she said, listing the reasons why area residents should join the production. “... You meet a lot of people, and it gives you something to do that you’ll really enjoy.”

For more information about the Senior Shenanigans group, individuals need contact Cox at terric@thegrandtheatre.org or 770-386-7343.