Child molestation case continues today
by Shaka S. Lias
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The alleged victim in the trial of Stephen Julius Toth testified Monday that she was 4 or 5 years old when the molestation began.

The victim, now 11 years old, answered, "He touched my private areas," when asked by Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Brookshire had anyone ever done anything bad to her.

According to Brookshire's opening statements, Toth, 33, molested the female relative from January 2007 to 2009.

Brookshire told the jury that the molestation started in Savannah and continued when she relocated to Cartersville around second grade. Brookshire said that the victim eventually confided in a friend after they watched a tape on sexual molestation in class. The friend convinced her to tell a teacher, who reported it to the school's counselor.

The victim said on numerous occasions she was touched on her breast, vaginal area and buttocks. She said the molestation always happened at night in different areas of the house.

"He moved his hand in a back and forth motion on top of my clothes and under," she testified.

She said that Toth, whom she referred to as "he" unless asked to say his name, told her not to tell anyone. She said she eventually told a close family member, who said she would talk to Toth, but he denied the allegations.

Cross examined by Tim Kimble, attorney for the defendant, he asked the victim if she knew the difference between good and bad touch. She told him that she did and learned about it in fourth grade after watching the video.

Kimble asked how would the molestation end on the nights he touched her.

"He would just say go," the victim replied. She said she would go back to bed.

"How would you feel?" Kimble asked.

"Awkward," the victim replied.

When Kimble questioned why the victim never told someone she trusted about the abuse, the victim said that she had done so in Savannah and nothing happened.

"I figured nothing would happen here," she said, referring to Cartersville.

A 12-year-old friend of the victim also took the stand testifying that her friend told her that Toth "wasn't very nice to her."

The witness said the victim told her that Toth touched her but didn't say where.

"I wanted to get her help," the witness told Brookshire.

When cross-examined by Kimble, he asked the witness how did she know what the victim told her was wrong.

"I knew it was wrong; it was my instincts," she replied.

The trial will resume today at 9 a.m. with Judge Shepherd Howell presiding.