Bike tossed from bridge overpass injures local man
by Shaka S. Lias
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Jeremy Bassett said he's sure the accident he was involved in Sunday night on Interstate 75 was a result of someone playing a prank, but it was no laughing matter to him and his family.

Bassett, 30, was traveling north on the interstate when out of nowhere as he crossed under Groover's Landing Bridge a bike landed on the windshield of his Chevrolet Tahoe. The family was returning from a holiday celebration.

"I saw the bike seconds before it hit and didn't have enough time to think before I reacted," said Bassett.

Bassett said the seat of the bike hit him in the face and glass went everywhere.

Also in the car was his wife, their young daughter and his sister.

Bassett said in addition to keeping his family safe he's grateful no one else was hurt.

"Thank God, it didn't knock me out and I was able to get off the road without wrecking," he said.

Bassett said he didn't realize it was a bike until it was all said and done.

Bassett said he had just switched from the middle lane to the right lane and was in between when it happened.

When asked if he was sure it came from the overpass he said he's positive.

"I just saw it coming out of the sky," he said. "With us being right there at the overpass that's the only place it could've come from."

Bassett said there were other cars ahead of him and behind him, but not directly near him.

"I don't see a bike coming off a bridge without someone throwing it," he said.

Bassett was treated on the scene by paramedics for minor cuts. He said he obtained about a one inch cut to his lip.

He also had minor cuts and bruises from the shattered glass. As a precaution, he went to Cartersville Medical Center Monday afternoon. He said doctors told him his lip needed to be stitched up but he waited too late to come in.

Bassett said he didn't think it was as bad as it seemed that's why he didn't go in the night of the accident.

"I was being hard head," he said.

No one else was seriously injured, but he said his sister had some bruises and a few scratches on her legs.

Bassett said the bike was taken away by Bartow deputies that responded to the scene. His truck was towed. He said damages are estimated between $3,000 and $4,000. In addition to the windshield there is damage to the hood, fender and roof.

Bassett said he hopes whomever is responsible is caught soon.

"I hope someone turns them in, they took a risk of killing my family and they need to pay for it," he said.