Fireworks displays kick off Sunday night
by Marie Nesmith
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Between the Allatoona Yacht Club and the Stars, Stripes & Cartersville celebration, area residents will be able to end their Fourth of July weekend with a bang.

On Sunday, the Allatoona Yacht Club will present its fireworks program at 9 p.m.

"We have a pyrotechnic company come in here, and they have a fantastic fireworks display out here," said Bob Egnor, dock master for the Allatoona Yacht Club, adding the show lasts about 30 to 40 minutes. "They're shot off the lake. We have a dock out in the lake and they shoot them off right there.

"The best place to see them is off of Webster's Overlook at Red Top Mountain State Park. You go up there and park your car and watch them from that area or out in the middle of the lake in a boat. There's about [700] or 800 boats out there every Fourth of July. ... There's a lot of people that come out here and watch it."

The second fireworks display will cap off the Cartersville Morning Optimist Club's Stars, Stripes & Cartersville celebration on July 4. Starting at nightfall, between 9 and 9:30 p.m., Atlanta Pyrotechnics will operate the show from within Dellinger Park, 100 Pine Grove Road in Cartersville.

"You get a different perspective of the fireworks from inside the park because you're kind of underneath them," said Spencer Dillard, Optimist Club member and chairman of Stars, Stripes & Cartersville. "When you watch them from a distance you get like a one dimensional view of them, but from inside the park you kind of see the whole thing as it opens up. It's really quite neat, and of course we kill all the lights so everything is really spectacular. ... [The show] usually will run about half an hour.

"What we're going to do this year, similar to what we did last year, [is] about a half an hour before the fireworks are shot, we're going to play patriotic music within the park and on WBHF radio and then we'll have the fireworks. Then WBHF radio will continue with their patriotic music and we'll still have it in the park also," he said, adding the fireworks show will be sponsored by the Optimist Club and the city of Cartersville.

For those seeking a unique vantage point of the celebration, the Fireworks Hike at Pine Mountain Trail will provide an overview of Cobb County's firework displays as well as Cartersville's. After meeting at the West Trailhead at the end of Main Street in Cartersville -- near Interstate 75's Exit 288 and Komatsu -- at 8:15 p.m., Greg Anderson, director of Cartersville Parks and Recreation Department, will lead participants on a 1.57 mile trek at 8:30 p.m. From the summit at 1,562 feet above sea level, hikers also should be able to look down on the firework displays in Acworth and Marietta.

"You can see over four or five firework displays from the top of Pine Mountain, depending on how clear it is of course," said Becky Pruitt, events and facility coordinator for the Cartersville Parks and Recreation Department. "Whoever's shooting them that night in [a] 30-mile radius, you'll be able to see it. I know you can see Marietta's.

"Just the fact that you're able to go to the top of the mountain in Cartersville and see over four or five different firework displays makes it unique. You're way above the fireworks. You are looking down on them. I think the first year we had it, we had over 100 hikers. So that's another thing is that parking will be gone early. And you might want to get there a little earlier if you want a good seat. This is our third year doing it, and it's really taken [off]. People don't necessarily go with our led hikes, they go by themselves and [hike] up there [earlier]."

For more information about the Fireworks Hike, call Pruitt at 770-387-5625. Details can be obtained about the displays at Dellinger Park and the Allatoona Yacht Club by contacting 770-387-1485 and 770-974-6290, respectively.