Reader takes exception to comments made by The Daily Tribune News' Sunday columnist
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Dear Editor,

On Sunday, October 16, 2011, I read the article by Mr. Louis DeBroux entitled, "Occupy Wall Street: The young and the clueless." I have come to the conclusion that Mr. DeBroux is the one who is clueless. He calls the citizens a motley amalgam of former hippies, misinformed college students, Marxist advocates, seekers of mayhem, imbeciles and just plain clueless.

Mr. DeBroux there is a way to give your opinion without name calling. Mr. DeBroux, just because you wear a goatee should we call you a "redneck?" I think not. You have made an assumption that everyone involved in the Occupy Wall Street are a certain party or organization because of their appearance.

Whether or not you believe "Corporate Greed" exists -- let me tell you my opinion. Yes, Louis, there is "Corporate Greed" out there! For example, what about a $17,000 deposit to a power company for someone opening a small business? You talk about the government, what about all the corporations that want more and more from the general public. They advocate starting businesses but the banks and the corporations will not give any breaks or loans. If the banks and corporations would invest in the America we believe in, the job situation would change. But they won't do that at this time because they are betting on having a Republican in the White House who will cater to their every wish -- then we will see them cooperate.

Now, Mr. DeBroux, don't you think the college students, middle aged citizens, (who have lost their jobs), Senior citizens (who have lost their savings and homes), would work if they could find a job. I believe they would. Some of these protesters came in between working two or more part-time jobs. Yes, America is a wonderful country and a land of opportunity, but as it stands right now the opportunities are few and far in between. Those you referred to as "whiney ingrates" are all ages and many have worked many years before losing jobs, homes, retirement income, etc. Mr. DeBroux, until you have walked in another man's shoes: DO NOT JUDGE. Someday, you may find yourself in a very different situation than you are today.

Referring to your statement about the "poor" being overweight, just because someone is overweight does not mean they have enough money and are eating well, most of the time it's the other way around. Don't you know it is cheaper to eat unhealthy than healthy? Compare the price of fresh veggies and fruits to the cost a 99 cent hamburger.

Thank God, Mr. DeBroux, not all Americans share your view of things.

Why the Daily Tribune would publish an article with such rude and misinformation Mr. DeBroux, is beyond me.


Shelby Adams