Child custody interference results in two arrests
by Staff Report
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Around 2:36 p.m. Thursday, a Bartow County Sheriff's Department deputy was sent to Cass Middle School in what was reported as a domestic disturbance in progress. The deputy was informed that a woman's 12-year-old daughter refused to leave with her -- instead leaving the school with the woman's sister-in-law.

According to the incident report, the woman informed the deputy that by Bartow County Superior Court order, the woman's husband is restrained from approaching 100 yards of her or her children. The woman believed her sister-in-law picked the daughter up to interfere with her custody of the daughter.

The woman provided the deputy with several locations the girl could be. The deputy then traveled to one of the provided addresses while two other deputies were dispatched to the sister-in-law's home. Both residences resulted in negative contact with the sister-in-law or the woman's daughter. Both groups then traveled to the daughter's grandfather's house.

The deputy learned that earlier in the day the sister-in-law had met with a deputy at the Sheriff's Office and that she argued over the current custody of the children. The deputy informed the sister-in-law that he had absolutely no control of that situation.

While in route, the deputy managed to contact the sister-in-law and asked if she had taken the daughter from school. According to the report, the sister-in-law evaded the question. The deputy then informed her that he would be glad to check the daughter's welfare but the line went dead when he asked for their physical location.

The deputy arrived at the scene after the other two deputies who were in what the deputy said appeared to be a confrontational conversation with the grandfather. The deputy approached a shut gate, secured with bungee chord and met the grandfather. The grandfather told the deputy the sister-in-law and daughter were there. The deputy asked if he could see them, and the grandfather said, "I'll get her," and then "no."

According to the deputy's report -- the deputy reached down to untangle the cord and opened the gate. He approached the home and then one of the other deputies said, "He's got a gun!"

The grandfather was currently out of the deputy's sight. According to the other deputies, as the deputy walked through the gate, the grandfather had put his hand under his jacket and was attempting to remove a handgun from a shoulder holster. One deputy's weapon was drawn. The grandfather was immediately handcuffed and the deputy removed a loaded .45 caliber Colt pistol from the grandfather's holster. Both of the other deputies informed the deputy that the grandfather appeared to intend to use his weapon against the deputy. At that moment the deputy noticed several rifles laying in the rear of a SUV.

The sister-in-law exited the house and was arrested, and the daughter came outside. The deputy told the daughter he had to take her back to her mother.

Both the grandfather and the sister-in-law were arrested. Warrants were issued against the grandfather for aggravated assault on a peace deputy and misdemeanor obstruction and against the sister-in-law for interference with child custody and misdemeanor obstruction.

Man attempts to steal

car with plastic gun

A man was filling up his tank at RaceTrac around 11:20 a.m. Friday when he was approached by an unknown male.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff Incident Report, this male was between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10, dressed in a dark blue or black hoodie, dark jeans, with blue eyes. The described male asked the man for money -- saying he got out of jail and needed to get to Rome. The male then asked for a ride to Quiktrip. The man agreed to give him a ride, however, the male jumped out of the vehicle and said 'Never mind' before they could leave.

The male returned moments later with his hood up, also displaying a gun. He stated, 'Give me your keys' to the man who previously offered him a ride. The man looked at the gun which appeared to be plastic.

He told the male, 'You don't want to go back to jail do you?'

The male turned and started walking north bound on U.S. Highway 41.

Vehicle stolen and

destroyed at junkyard

On Thursday a man received a call from his neighbor informing him that his Chevrolet C10 truck was being loaded up by a tow truck at an address in Acworth.

Deputies were given a BOLO in reference to theft around 2 p.m. for the olive green truck. The neighbor observed the last direction of travel of the tow truck being northbound on U.S. Highway 41 at the Cobb County line. The owner of the truck suspected the truck was being taken to Taylor's junkyard. The owner said after work he would report the theft of his vehicle.

An deputy arrived at the junkyard and found the man's vehicle piled on top of other vehicles -- it was destroyed.

The owner of the junkyard told the deputy that a man brought the truck to the junkyard -- giving the impression he bought it recently and was the owner. According to the junkyard owner's account, the man followed a tow truck with the truck into the junkyard and paid the tow truck driver with money received from the junkyard. The junkyard owner provided the deputy with a hand-written bill of sale the man gave him as proof of ownership, the man's license, and the paperwork where the man signed as owner of the truck when selling to the junkyard for $442.

The owner of the junkyard placed the inoperable vehicle to the side to hold it for the truck's real owner. The deputy secured two warrants against the man who sold the vehicle -- for felony theft by receiving and felony theft by deception.