Registration under way for Daddy Daughter Dance
by Marie Nesmith
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Isabel Tucker dances with her father, Ellis, during last year’s Daddy Daughter Dance that is presented by the Cartersville Parks & Recreation Department.
Isabel Tucker dances with her father, Ellis, during last year’s Daddy Daughter Dance that is presented by the Cartersville Parks & Recreation Department.
For Ellis Tucker, the Daddy Daughter Dance is an ideal way to create cherished memories with his 8-year-old daughter, Isabel.

Attending the offering since it was created in 2008, the Cartersville father and daughter are preparing to attend this year’s dance on Feb. 18. Hosted by the Cartersville Parks & Recreation Department, the Daddy Daughter Dance will be held at the Cartersville Civic Center, 435 W. Main St., from 7 to 9 p.m.

“Just seeing her have a good time — that’s really what it’s all about,” Tucker said. “I just love to see her [when] she goes out there with the hula hoops and does all her little things and we dance some and she plays with her friends. It’s just a lot of fun. I think it’s something that was needed even well before now. I can’t remember the lady’s name that started it but I’m so glad she did because there’s such a huge turnout every year, and dads and daughters are really missing out when they don’t show up.

“When I think about my little girl, I think about dancing with her, and when she gets older, I won’t have some of those opportunities. Those chances are gone. So it’s [for] a limited time only and I think it really does gear them to knowing what a young man should be like and treat them like and that sort of thing when they get older.”

The dance, which will be for girls ages 5 to 12, will offer light refreshments and a corsage. Photographs and carriage rides will be provided for an extra charge.

There will be a $20 registration fee for a father and daughter to attend, with another $10 charge for each additional daughter. Grandfathers or male guardians also will be welcome. Space is limited to 150 couples, so adults need to pre-register at 770-387-5625 by Feb. 10.

“It’s been overwhelming,” said Becky Pruitt, events coordinator for Cartersville Parks & Recreation, about the dance’s response. “We sell out every year ... [so] I couldn’t be more pleased at how the community has given us door prizes and have been very supportive about the Daddy Daughter event.

“I just think that [its appeal is] it gives them their little special time. Every daddy has their special little girl and this is one night that it’s just him and her or him and both of them because some of them have two daughters and three daughters. And it just gives them a little bit of special time. They get to dress up and most of them go out to eat and they do the carriage rides. [The event is about] making memories for the dads and the daughters.”

The Daddy Daughter Dance is a prime example of how the Cartersville Parks & Recreation has expanded its offerings over the years. Along with fostering the athletic skills of area youth, the department hosts a wide away of events for the community, ranging from Youth Fishing Day to the Halloween Carnival.

“Before I came on, they didn’t have an events coordinator,” said Pruitt, who was the events coordinator for the Acworth Parks and Recreation Department prior to arriving in Cartersville in 2007. “So that was something that [Director] Greg [Anderson] really wanted to focus on — to bring some more programs to the community besides just the athletics.

“So I brought the Halloween Carnival. They [already] had Movies in the Park. But [the Daddy Daughter Dance] is something that’s not going to cost a whole lot and that we can give them that’s affordable. We’re not here to make money. We’re just here to provide a service for the people in this community and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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