'The Dead Files' highlights paranormal activity in Cartersville
by Marie Nesmith
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Retired homicide detective Steve Di Schiavi, left, and physical medium Amy Allan, right, talk with Ben and Cynthia Ivey about their claims of paranormal activity in their Cartersville home on tonight’s episode of “The Dead Files.” The Travel Channel/Special
Retired homicide detective Steve Di Schiavi, left, and physical medium Amy Allan, right, talk with Ben and Cynthia Ivey about their claims of paranormal activity in their Cartersville home on tonight’s episode of “The Dead Files.” The Travel Channel/Special
On tonight's episode of "The Dead Files," the show's paranormal team -- retired homicide detective Steve Di Schiavi and physical medium Amy Allan -- travel to Cartersville to investigate a mother's reports of supernatural activity.

"Concerned for her children's safety, the team embarks on a journey to unveil the dark truth lurking within the family's historic residence," stated an email from the Travel Channel, which plans to air the show at 10 p.m. "While Amy encounters aggressive entities and an ancient threat, Steve follows the trail of an old legend and uncovers a shocking murder involving a scandalous crime of passion.

"Steve hears extraordinary eyewitness accounts from the frightened family, their landlord and a former tenant, who also moved out following a terrifying and inexplicable encounter. As Amy comes face to face with a menacing presence, Steve receives a tip from the local chief of police that could blow the investigation wide open. Ultimately, Amy and Steve must unravel years of buried secrets to help their client reclaim her home."

Filmed in Cartersville last year, "The Dead Files" initially was approached by Ben and Cynthia Ivey, who have been renting their home since July.

"We have quite a few crazy stories obviously that will be on the show," Cynthia Ivey said. "My son and I were playing hide-and-go seek with children out in the yard here. It went on for about an hour. Then we figured out that we were chasing imaginary children, if you will.

"The same children were playing in my stairwell inside the house. And then we heard large stomping sounds that would happen at night at the foot of the bed. It would alert the dogs and they would go crazy. And we have a coal room here and that room was extremely intimidating. It would actually cause me to have panic attacks, anxiety attacks as soon as you crossed the threshold there. So we contacted the show and they came out and did their thing in December."

The more than 100-year-old residence, which is at the heart of the investigation, is owned by Jim and Jane Haigler. Although it was their tenants who contacted "The Dead Files," the Haiglers also experienced a similar incident in the late 1980s when they lived in the home. During her interview with Di Schiavi, Haigler revealed she and her daughter, Kathryn, suddenly became aware of a nearby presence when they were preparing to move into the residence.

"We didn't see anything but both of us felt [something]," Haigler said. "So I said, 'OK,' and I started talking deliberately. I was talking to Kathryn but also talking to whatever this may be. I said, 'OK, we're going to pack up our stuff now and we're going to leave. We're leaving right now.' And I'm saying this as we were walking down the stairs. We were really leaving, and I said, 'We're glad that you're letting us come and move into your home.' I remember saying, 'Jesus is protecting us and Jesus is protecting you and we'll just leave,' and we walked out. And that's the only time we ever had any experience. ... and I thought it was interesting that when this new couple moved in, it was with the mom and her child.

"What I understand is they heard children laughing and the child heard the children laughing. So they were looking for the children. And the mom ... realized it was a ghost," she said, adding she is looking forward to watching tonight's episode. "I'm interested in [learning about] the research. ... Apparently a number of children, something like six children, lived there at one time. It was a blended family. So if you think about things like that, it seems kind of cool that maybe the children knew that we were moving in when I was there with my daughter and when the new mom's coming to be with her children -- that maybe the children come out to see what's up, however that works."

Situated at the corner of Douglas and Carter streets, the Haiglers' residence has a storied past, with its former resident Cartersville Police Chief Joe Ben Jenkins being shot and killed in front of the home in 1930. Laying the historical groundwork for Di Schiavi, local historians Linda Cochran and Ed Bostick and Cartersville Police Chief Thomas Culpepper provided key information about the crime, which resulted in a mob lynching the accused shooter, John Willie Clark.

While she cannot reveal any details about the show's findings, Cynthia Ivey said she is pleased with its outcome.

"The psychic did a really good walk-through and actually a lot of the things that she came back with were the exact experiences that I had had myself in the house. ... We're negotiating to buy [the home]," she said. "That was the point of the show, was we we're trying to make sure that we could deal with what was here before we bought the house.

"It was overall just a great experience -- great crew, very professional. I think it really shed a lot of light on things and helped us out. We actually have no activity now. We've had to do some things since the show. We have had a house blessing and things like that done. [So] we actually don't really have a lot of activity left anymore."