Cartersville approves changes to pouring fees
by By Jason Lowrey,
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Local restaurant chains could save thousands of dollars under a new amendment to Cartersville’s alcohol pouring ordinance. As approved by the Cartersville City Council during its Thursday night meeting, the new amendment allows restaurants to renew their pouring license after hiring a new manager by paying a $100 fee.

Under the old ordinance, restaurants were required to purchase a new pouring license every time the business acquired a new manager, as a license is under a manager’s name, even if the restaurant had already purchased a license for that year.

“A lot of chain stores actually move their manager around,” said Planning and Development Director Randy Manino. “So when they do that, we’ve had to request them to run through the entire fee process all over again, even if they did pay for the year.” 

The new renewal fee applies only when a business has already purchased a pouring license for the year. Assistant City Attorney Keith Lovell said the changes could cost the city approximately $20,000 in revenue a year. However, he added the amount of revenue gained or lost was dependent on restaurant hiring practices.

The council also approved a $37,086.21 change order to a water and sewer line project on Ford Street. Water Department Director Ed Mullinax said the project ran into an unexpected problem when water lines for homes on Roosevelt Street ran through the backyards of houses on Ford Street to tie into that water line. The additional cost covered the extra pipe, taps and asphalt needed to finish the job.

The entire cost of the completed project came to $104,565.32. It was an emergency repair to the sewer lines on Ford Street, which were leaking sewage.

Also approved was the replacement of the customer service equipment in city hall’s drive-through. Finance Director Tom Rhinehart said the equipment had not been replaced since 2003, and city technicians were constantly repairing the current equipment.

The new equipment will cost $18,059 and includes everything from new tubing to new microphones. To avoid inconveniencing city residents, the installation will happen on a weekend at an additional cost of $750 included in the overall price.

As the council meeting did not run very long — less than 33 minutes — council member Louis Tonsmeire Sr., spoke to any citizens listening live on the radio or those who would watch the recorded version later. He said the council “fully considered” all the items on the agenda before taking a vote and did not make decisions lightly.

City Manager Sam Grove thanked Tonsmeire for his words and then explained the process of preparing for a council meeting.

“Actually the work on this starts well in advance of the meeting. We’ll have a staff meeting the week before the council meeting, [where] we develop the agenda. We work later that week and early into the next week where we develop the agenda items and package the recommendations with them and then send them to you all and, as you mentioned, we’ll go through and have a work session too,” he said.

Other city council business included: 

• Approving a resolution welcoming auto part manufacturer voestalpine to Bartow County.

• Approving the de-annexation of city property located on Ga. Highway 293 and Paga Mine Road.

• Approving the annexation and re-zoning of properties on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive east of U.S. Highway 41.

• Approving an amendment to the utility ordinance regarding capacity fees.

• Approving an agreement with the Environmental Protection Division regarding water testing in the sum of $9,200.

• Approving an agreement to sell excess electrical power.

• Appointing Michael Gordon to the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board.

• Approving the purchase of a bush hog from Franklin Tractor in the sum of $9,660.

• Approving the purchase of a pickup truck from City Motors in the sum of $22,996.

• Approving the restocking of inventory for the Water Department’s distribution and collections offices in the sum of $19,997.37.

• Approving an extension request for a 2009 Community Development Block Grant.

• Discussing the Fiscal Year 2012-13 budget for the Downtown Development Authority.

• Approving the purchase of air release valves for a sewer pump station in the sum of $5,164.

The Cartersville City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. at city hall.