Testimony continues in rape case
by Jessica Loeding
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The case of a man accused in two separate incidents will continue into a third day when testimony resumes this morning.

Jerry Jerome Kilgore was 17 at the time he allegedly raped a woman in her Alexandria Landing apartment in the early hours of July 14, 2011, and then threatened to rape a woman in her home on Aug. 9, 2011. He also is accused of attempted robbery and assault of a woman in her vehicle at Pine Grove Church near Dellinger Park on Aug. 5, 2011.

On Wednesday, the prosecution team of Rosemary Greene and Mickey Thacker opened testimony with law enforcement and forensic expert witnesses.

The three expert witnesses from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation state crime lab testified concerning swabs and samples taken from the two victims.

According to the testimony, a sexual assault kit taken from the alleged rape victim showed the presence of male DNA matching that of Kilgore.

DNA swabs from under the fingernails of the second victim were not a direct match for Kilgore, matching only two of the 16 locators, according to a GBI forensic biologist.

When testimony resumed Wednesday afternoon, Cartersville Police Department Investigator Liz Snodgrass took the stand.

Snodgrass, who conducted photo lineups with two of the victims, testified that neither the rape victim nor the woman assaulted in her vehicle identified Kilgore in the photo lineups.

Both women said it was dark and they did not get a good look at the suspect, according to her testimony.

Showing photos taken of Kilgore after the last attack, Snodgrass testified that Kilgore suffered scratches and bruises along both arms and to the upper back area.

Thacker then called the alleged rape victim to the stand.

The woman, now 22, said she had been working in Marietta until 2 a.m. July 14, returning to her Old Mill Road apartment before 3 a.m.

She testified that she exited her vehicle in the apartment complex parking lot and became scared after seeing a shadow moving in the area.

The woman said she hurried to the door and rushed inside when she heard footsteps running up the stairs toward her. She said in her panic she left the keys in the door, allowing the suspect to gain entry.

According to the victim, she offered him money, hoping he would take the money and leave. She said she vaguely remembered removing her cellphone when she retrieved the money from her purse and dialing the number of her former boyfriend.

The woman said she and the suspect moved farther into the apartment, down a hallway toward her bedroom. She said the man became angry with her, striking her repeatedly in the head and face.

When she saw a possible opening, the victim said she attempted to flee but was grabbed by the arms by the suspect.

She was pushed forward onto her knees, she said, where the suspect rolled her onto her back and removed her clothing below the waist. The woman said the suspect then removed his shorts before raping her in the hallway of her home.

When asked by Greene what the suspect said to her afterward, the woman testified, “He told me, ‘Thanks,’ like a smart aleck.”

According to her testimony, the suspect got dressed, taking her phones and cash before leaving the residence.

Once he was gone, she said she locked herself in the bathroom with a metal rod and tried to determine what to do.

Police arrived shortly thereafter.

The woman’s former boyfriend testified that the victim had called him, and he could hear the victim and an unknown male yelling before the call ended abruptly. He dialed 911 to request a welfare check on the woman.

Also Wednesday, the victim of the attempted robbery and assault on Pine Grove Road testified that, after running at Dellinger Park, she returned to her car at Pine Grove Church about 6 a.m. and rolled the windows down to cool off.

The woman, who drove an SUV, said she had started out of the parking lot when a man lunged through her open driver’s side window. She pressed the gas, sending the man sliding along the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Police were able to dust for fingerprints, according to testimony.

Because of the lighting, the woman said she could not see the man clearly, seeing only his hairline and silhouette.

Testimony will resume at 9 a.m. today in Bartow County Superior Court Judge Carey Nelson’s courtroom.