Buy Bartow
by Matt Shinall
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By Havyn Isaac

Adairsville Middle School

I have lived in Bartow County my entire life. I lived in Rydal for one year, but other than that, I have lived in Adairsville for 11 years. My mama has lived in Adairsville her whole life, 39 years and my dad has lived here for 15 years. He grew up in Kingston, which is still Bartow County. Both my parents went to Adairsville Middle School and graduated from Adairsville High School. My mama’s entire family has been in Adairsville all the way back for many generations. That’s just a little of my history and why I love Bartow County and most of all Adairsville.

My parents both work in Bartow County. My dad works for the Honda Dealership in Cartersville and my mama works at Clear Creek Elementary, Bartow County School System. If we “Buy Bartow” my mama’s job is supported, but most of all we kids will benefit from it. Our schools will be better quality. We will have better materials. The technology today is so advanced. With money earned from “Buying Bartow” we will be able to have better computers, iPads, printers, copy machines and a lot of other good things. So when we “Buy Bartow” our schools and school system will be better!

I live one block from the middle school. I live in a house that was built in 1890. There is a lot of history in Adairsville. I love to walk downtown and look at all the shops. There is a hair salon, a clothing boutique, a martial arts place, a photography and art studio, a tea room, a karaoke place and my favorite, Emi Lou’s Bakery. Me and my brother keep them in business. By supporting the small businesses we are helping downtown to grow and in return we are all getting something good. The stores are staying open and we are able to enjoy what they are offering, like the “yummy” cupcakes.

The people that work for these businesses love our town and when we buy locally, guess what? They will turn around and spend the money they earn locally. So once again, we all benefit when we “Buy Bartow.”

In closing, I would like to say I love Adairsville. I am proud to be an Adairsville Tiger. Bartow County and Adairsville are my home. I hope to be here for many years. I want my family in the future to enjoy it just like I do. I love hearing stories from my grandmother and great-grandmother about the stores and houses when they were kids. There is a lot of history here. Let’s keep it going. “Buy Bartow.”