Misidentification leads to drug bust
by Staff Report
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On Wednesday evening, a Cartersville police officer located a male matching the description of a suspect connected to a stabbing in front of 111 Johnson St.

The officer obtained the male’s identification and found that the suspect, now known to be Sylvester Epps II, had warrants through the state of Indiana for selling marijuana, possession of cocaine and obstruction of officers.

While waiting for dispatch to confirm the warrants, the officer began to empty out the contents of Epps’ pockets. Epps wanted to release some of his property over to his girlfriend, according to the report. As the officer began to empty the pockets, he was overcome by the strong odor of fresh marijuana. A total of $711 was found in Epps’ pockets.

Dispatch soon confirmed the warrants and said that Indiana wanted Epps to be placed on hold. While in the patrol car, Epps advised the officer that two young children were asleep, alone at his residence and that he needed to call his fiancee. The officer contacted his fiancee who said she was working in Atlanta but would call their babysitter.

Moments later, the babysitter arrived at the residence and the children were released into her custody as well as $100 Epps wanted to leave his fiancee. He was then transported to the jail.

Once at the jail, a strip search was performed on Epps. Four individually packaged baggies of marijuana were found in a hidden compartment in a flap near the zipper of Epps’ jeans. The baggies were later weighed and found to be one baggie at 7.0 grams, two baggies at 3.5 grams and one baggie at 2.2 grams.

Epps was placed under arrest and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and crossing the guard line with contraband.

4 arrested after drug, burglary investigation

Adairsville police detectives arrested four people on Tuesday after a burglary and drug investigation.

According to Chief Robert Jones, three offenders have been arrested after a burglary at Evergreen Pawn and an attempted burglary at Gold ’n Guns Pawn early Sunday morning.

The continuous investigative efforts have also revealed those responsible for a vehicle stolen from Lawrence Street in November. The investigation is ongoing and could lead to more arrests.

Christopher Chance Coffman of Adairsville has been charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle, possession of meth, possession of schedule IV narcotics and possession of marijuana.

Russell Dan Evans of Adairsville has been charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle-party to a crime, burglary-party to a crime, possession of meth, possession of schedule IV narcotics and possession of marijuana.

Kristopher Nicholas Ezzell of Cartersville has been charged with burglary, criminal attempt to commit burglary and criminal trespass.

Secret shopper scam

On Wednesday at 3 p.m., a deputy was dispatched to Bryan Drive, Acworth, in reference to a forgery/fraud report.

The deputy met with the complaintant who said she was tricked into depositing a fraudulent check after she was hired as a secret shopper.

The complaintant told the deputy it all started after she placed an ad on Craigslift, looking for work. She received an inquiry by a female she only knew as Holly B., who wanted to hire her as a secret shopper. She was to assess customer service and professionalism at Wal-Mart and Western Union Bank. The complaintant was skeptical but needed the money so she agreed.

The complaintant was asked to spend $50 at Wal-Mart to see how helpful and professional Wal-Mart staff acted and was told to keep $500 as commission. According to the incident report, she was then told to send $1,850 by Western Union to a man in Cloquet, Minn.

According to the report, soon after the complaintant was hired, she received a paycheck with her name on it for $2,950. She put the check in her bank account and waited for it to clear before she conducted her assignment. The check did not clear and was proven to be fraudulent by the bank. The complaintant was charged $50 by her bank when the check did not clear.

The complaintant told Holly B. that the check did not clear and she was getting law enforcement involved. She provided the deputy with several printouts of emails between herself and Holly B. as well as the envelope that the fraudulent pay check was sent in. She has not heard back from Holly B.

Man drunk outside Lowes

Tuesday afternoon, a Bartow County deputy was dispatched to Lowes, 301 Marketplace Blvd., Cartersville, in reference to disorderly conduct.

According to dispatch, a white male wearing a red shirt, dark jacket and tan pants was yelling and causing a scene after being asked to leave the area. The complaintant refused to meet and refused all other information.

Upon arrival to the scene, the deputy noticed a white male matching the description given by dispatch sitting on a Wal-Mart cart behind Lowes. The male was later determined to be Timothy Farmer.

As the deputy approached Farmer, he detected a strong alcoholic odor. The deputy asked Farmer if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages and, if so, how much, to which Farmer replied, “Just one.” Farmer was asked if he would submit to a breath test. According to the incident report, he told the deputy, “We both know I’m drunk.” Farmer did take the test, which came back positive.

Farmer was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.