Cartersville approves commercial garbage truck purchase
by Jason Lowrey
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For the second time in less than three months, the Cartersville City Council approved the purchase of a new commercial garbage truck chassis.

During its Thursday night meeting, the council heard from Public Works Director Bobby Elliott as he described a proposed deal with Mack truck dealer Nextran. Elliott said the city’s existing commercial garbage truck, which is a 2008 Mack, is essentially a lemon. Since its purchase, Elliott wrote in a memo, the city has put more than $60,000 into the truck to fix its various problems.

Highlighting the issue was a $6,489.54 repair for the truck’s front suspension components and steering box the council approved as well Thursday night.

The deal Elliott presented was for a 2014 chassis alone, with the city keeping the body on the 2008 truck. Nextran would then refurbish, repaint and install the body on the 2014 chassis. In addition to the one-year warranty, public works would get a five-year extended warranty, Elliott said.

The total amount paid by the city, after a trade-in on the 2008 chassis, would come to $112,856.26. Elliott said it was half the amount of a new truck and body, which would cost the city approximately $224,000.

“We think it’s a deal that’s ... we think it’s a great deal if we can make it happen,” Elliott said. “I’ve been in two or three sessions with Mr. [Tom] Rhinehart, our finance administrator, going through the lease pool. I know it’s not budgeted for this year, but we have funds available to make it happen — if we can do that — and we certainly need to replace this unit.”

In its Dec. 6, 2012, meeting, the council had approved the purchase of a new residential garbage truck to offset the department’s aging fleet. The residential purchase was originally budgeted for the 2013-2014 budget, while the commercial truck was to have been purchased in 2012. Although the purchases were flipped in the budget, Elliott said it would be best to take this deal, as the city would get less on the 2008 trade-in the more it was used.

The purchase was approved unanimously.

The council also heard the first reading of an amendment to the streets and sidewalks ordinance in reference to replacing street signs and how their reflectivity is tested. Elliott said federal law now requires signs to be recovered with new reflective material or replaced. The city, he said, has been in the process or replacing street and traffic control signs on its own.

The amendment also will include using a visual testing method. While Elliott said it was not the method he preferred, he said it was the cheapest method.

Other city council business included:

• Appointing Andrew Bowen to the Downtown Development Authority to replace Lynn Quick when her term expires.

• Appointing Herschel Wisebram and Stan Tilley to the ethics committee.

• Renewing the certified city of ethics agreement with the Georgia Municipal Association.

• Hearing the first reading of an amendment to the alcohol ordinance in reference to standardizing the required identification for applications.

• Hearing the first reading of an amendment to the traffic ordinance to create a no parking zone on Puckett Street between Tennessee and Stonewall streets.

• Approving a change order to the Wansley Drive box culvert project, which brings the project total to $121,691.40.

• Approving the engine replacement of a 2007 street sweeper in the sum of $15,809.75.

• Purchasing commercial dumpsters in the sum of $19,373.68, including freight, to restock the city’s supply and replace some customers’ dumpsters.

• Approving the Cartersville Electric Service’s request for an estimated $736,307.68 of materials to serve the Highland 75 industrial park.

• Approving the purchase of parking lot lighting for the Bojangles’ on East Main Street.

• Approving the purchase of underground primary cable for CES in the sum of $49,200.

• Approving transmission repairs for the Cartersville Fire Department’s Engine No. 3 in a sum not to exceed $11,000.

• Approving the purchase of a truck for the Cartersville Water Department’s pollution control plant in the sum of $113,389.

• Approving the remodeling of the water treatment plant’s conference room in the sum of $11,951.

• Approving the purchase of materials for the Tennessee Street water main for Walgreens in the sum of $13,699.99.

• Approving the relocation of a sewer line for Westside Village in the sum of $7,720.

• Approving an engineering services contract with Jacob Engineering for the relocation of a water main at the Ga. Highway 41 and Ga. Highway 411 intersection in the sum of $65,100.

• Renewing a contract with Blackboard Connect for automated phone call service in the sum of $14,486.

• Approving the 2013 citizen survey in the sum of $10,300.

• Approving the closeout of the Energy Efficiency Conservation block grant from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority.

• Approving the transfer of properties on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to Habitat for Humanity.

• Issuing two construction loans to Habitat for Humanity in the sums of $75,000 and $15,000 for the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive homes. Additional financing for the second home was provided by the United Way of Bartow County and Anheuser-Bush.

• Approving a property transfer with Walnut Grove Plantation for the Leake Mounds-Etowah RiverWalk Trail.

• Hearing from a former city employee who wished to have an estimate on his retirement funds. City Manager Sam Grove said he should receive an email today.

The Cartersville City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 21 at 6 p.m. for a work session and 7 p.m. for a regular meeting at city hall.