Hilton Garden Inn takes top honor
by Matt Shinall
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With more than 550 Hilton Garden Inn properties in more than a dozen countries, the Cartersville hotel was recently named the No. 1 Hilton Garden Inn in the world.

The Cartersville HGI has been honored nearly every year since it opened in 2009. Each year, the Cartersville property has raked in higher accolades from both Hilton Worldwide and HP Hotels, a management company overseeing day-to-day operations of HGI properties.

The most recent award bestowed upon the Cartersville hotel was Hotel of the Year from Hilton Worldwide, recognizing the Cartersville HGI as No. 1 for a combined score in various performance indicators, primarily focusing on quality assurance inspections and guest satisfaction surveys.

“We just found out, actually a week ago, that we were named Hotel of the Year for all of the Hilton Garden Inns around the world. I believe there are more than 550. It’s pretty remarkable when you think about it being Cartersville in comparison to larger markets or bigger venues, but it’s just been amazing,” said Michele Sims, HGI Sales Director. “It encompasses several different things. Our quality assurance score plays a huge role in that. We get at least two surprise visits each year from a Hilton QA auditor and they will spend typically one and a half to two days on our property. They look at everything. They’ll inspect rooms, the main lobby, any common areas guests may be in, the fitness center, the pool, ballrooms. They thoroughly inspect everything.

“On our last QA audit, out of a possible 100, we scored a 99.45 and that plays a huge part. Another element that plays a large part is our satisfaction survey. ... When you stay at any of our Hilton Garden Inn properties, Hilton will randomly send out satisfaction surveys and they tally all of those scores as well.”

Last year, the Cartersville HGI was awarded a Hilton Worldwide Success Award for breaking the top 5 percent of all Hilton Garden Inns. In October, HP Hotels — Cartersville HGI’s management company — also doled out accolades for the local hotel, awarding Cartersville the 2012 Overall Service Award, Hotel of the Year and Sales Director of the Year.

General Manager Angela Allison contributes the continued success of the Cartersville HGI to committed employees and a culture focused on training and education.

“We have such a great staff and everyone here is a leader,” Allison said. “We have great communication, teamwork and everyone understands the concept of customer service. It’s not just the person at the front desk, it’s the servers in the restaurant, it’s my chefs behind the line, it’s my maintenance team, it’s my housekeepers.

“We take pride in our work and we love what we do and when you love what you do, you do a great job at it. But now we’re at the hardest part — staying at the top. So we’ve got to do a little bit more to stay at the top and take it to the next level as far as customer service.”

Cartersville Hilton Garden Inn is a 108-room hotel with 5,000 square feet of meeting space and a full-service restaurant located at 24 Liberty Drive. For more information, visit www.cartersville.hgi.com or call 770-382-9787.