Magazine ranks Dixie Highway Yard Sale among nation’s best
by Matt Shinall
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June Denham shops for family members at last year’s Dixie Highway Yard Sale. SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News, file
June Denham shops for family members at last year’s Dixie Highway Yard Sale. SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News, file
For thrifters, pickers and crafty decorators, Flea Market Style magazine is a go-to publication currently highlighting northwest Georgia’s Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale.

Flea Market Style’s spring 2013 edition ranked the Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale No. 3 in the nation’s top Miles-Long Yard Sales in a “readers’ favorite” feature.

The Readers’ Favorites Miles-Long Yard Sales is available now on magazine racks at retailers, including CVS, Target, Walmart and Home Depot. Editors collected insight and suggestions from a group of loyal readers to create the magazine’s list of America’s Top 20 Miles-Long Yard Sales.

“Flea Market Style is a magazine I really wasn’t familiar with, but I have fallen in love with it since I’ve seen it,” said Cartersville-Bartow County Convention and Visitors Bureau Deputy Director Regina Wheeler. “It’s kind of a real keepsake publication. People use it for style ideas and redecorating, so it has a long shelf life. So, we were not aware that they had polled readers for suggestions of favorite yard sales, but we were quite honored to be in the Top 20 and more than that to make the top three.”

Wheeler already has seen an increase in online participation and hopes the 2013 Dixie Highway Yard Sale, set for June 7-9, will prove to be a good year for visitors, sellers and the region, which will benefit economically from the guests traveling through Catoosa, Whitfield, Gordon, Bartow and Cobb counties.

“I think it’s just going to continue to grow,” Wheeler said. “For example, our Facebook page, as soon as our fan posted this information I’ve noticed every time I logged in there would be five or 10 new followers every day. We’ve been seeing a lot of new interest and I think those folks will get together with their friends and get in the car and come see us.”

Flea Market Style magazine heard about the Dixie Highway Yard Sale through reader feedback and nomination for the list, and while magazine staff has not had the opportunity to shop the north Georgia sale, Senior Editor and Writer Christine Hofmann-Bourque hopes to make the trip soon.

”We’re glad that we can provide some publicity for the Dixie Highway yard sale,” said Hofman-Borque in an email to The Daily Tribune News. “For our Spring ’13 issue of Flea Market Style magazine, which is on newsstands now, we asked our readers to submit their favorite ‘miles-long’ yard sales in the United States. The Dixie Highway sale was one that was recommended by one of our readers and is included in our ‘Readers’ Favorites Miles-Long Yard Sales’ article.

“In every issue of our magazine, we do a ‘readers’ favorites’ article. We’ve asked readers for their favorite antiques malls, flea markets and vintage shops over the years. We have a wonderful group of loyal readers who are avid vintage shoppers, so we often turn to them for suggestions on where to shop.”

Wheeler and Hofman-Borque both recognize a trend seen in the South, and Georgia in particular, for popularity of “junking,” “thrifting” and other forms of consumer self-recycling. The top three reader favorites in the latest Flea Market Style are either entirely within Georgia or pass through the state. Taking the top spot in the reader poll was the 690 mile-long 127 Corridor World’s Longest Yard Sale stretching from Alabama to Michigan with stops in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Georgia. In second place was Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale covering 200 miles from Barnesville, Ga., to Brunswick, Ga.

“It’s interesting that you ask about Georgia,” Hofman-Borque said. “In our Fall/Winter 2012 issue, we did a 10-page feature in which our editor-in-chief [Ki Nassauer] and Georgia author Mary Kay Andrews spent two days shopping in Atlanta. In our Fall/Winter 2011 issue, we featured the Dublin, Ga., home of artist Jackie Garbutt. And, in our Summer 2012 issue, we featured a cottage on Georgia’s Tybee Island. So we know that Georgia is home to a lot of folks who love vintage.”

The Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale began in 2006 to remember the history of a once well-traveled highway and the communities that flourished before the U.S. Interstate System. Wheeler has watched the annual sale grow each year and cites its success to several factors, including weather, ample participation and accessibility.

“Our beautiful weather doesn’t hurt,” Wheeler said of the Dixie Highway Yard Sale’s rapid growth. “We’ve been real fortunate with the Dixie Highway Yard Sale to have had good weather that is not raining or storming most every year. You can literally pull things out on the front lawn and not worry about them being damaged. There also are a lot of dealers in the South, and locally we have people that advertise it very well, for instance Ken’s Antiques and Auction — he’s been a longtime supporter and has a huge distribution list, which he uses to notify people of this event.

“But in addition to weather and availability, I think the ease of travel helps. Dixie Highway Yard Sale in particular is very convenient that you can stop in at various portions along the way thanks to I-75. You can backtrack fairly easy because you can hop on the interstate.”

The spring 2013 issue of Flea Market Style magazine is available at newsstands through June. For more information, visit

The Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale will be held June 7-9. For updates and to join a mailing list, visit or search for Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale on Facebook.