Euharlee students stack up against the competition
by Mark Andrews
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Euharlee Elementary School students Bailey Hynes, Dylan Ferguson and Leah Stantz in recent months have traveled to Maryland and Orlando to compete in sport cup stacking championship competitions. Along with EES physical education teacher and father to Bailey, Sean Hynes, the group brought home accolades, as well as memories, to share with their school.

Sean Hynes said the school’s physical education program has participated in sport stacking for about seven years, with interest growing to the point where a team, complete with tryouts, had to be formed.

“It works hand/eye coordination, it helps with focus, it works on their ambidexterity, using both hands,” Sean Hynes said. “They’re starting to do studies now where they’re showing, since they’re using both hands, both sides of the brain are firing at the same time, [sport stacking] is showing good results in the classroom.”

First-grader Bailey Hynes, daughter of Sean Hynes, said she began practicing cup stacking at age 3.

“One day I saw [my dad] doing it and I wanted to try it,” Hynes said. “I kind of liked it, so I got to know it a little bit better and then I entered a competition.”

Sean Hynes added his daughter entered her first competition at age 4.

At the U.S. Sport Stacking Championships March 23-24 in Towson, Md., Ferguson and Stantz teamed up for the doubles event and were crowned U.S National Champions with a new Georgia State record time of 9.40 seconds.

Ferguson, a third grader, explained, “One of us is a left hand and one of us is a right hand, and we have to take turns like we’re using both of our hands, and we have to do it similarly to if we were doing it by ourselves.”

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According to a press release provided by Sean Hynes, “[Ferguson] also competed in the 3-6-3 [cup stacking] finals and finished 8th in the U.S. Stantz had an outstanding competition qualifying for all three individual finals. In the 3-3-3, and 3-6-3 events she was runner up. In the Cycle event, the premier stack, she was crowned U.S. National Champion with a ... time of 7.71 seconds.

“Her time was a new Georgia State record and moved her on to the Stack of Champions which featured the fastest Stackers in the tournament. Leah’s time was the second fastest in the tournament. Due to her performance she was asked to become a member of Team USA and participate in the World Sport Stacking Championships.

“The World Sport Stacking Championships were held in Orlando on April 6-7. This competition featured the best stackers from around the world. Over 250 stackers from 16 countries were there. Stantz, Bailey Hynes, and ... Sean Hynes were asked to represent the United States. Bailey Hynes competed in the 8 & Under Division. She was placed with a doubles partner and finished in 4th place. In the individual events she finished 4th in the 3-3-3 and Cycle. Her best finish was 2nd in the 3-6-3. ...

“Sean Hynes competed in the 35-44 year old division. His relay team set a new US record time in the 3-6-3 relay, but finished second behind a very strong team from Germany. [He] was teamed up with a partner from Michigan (Tim Haig) and finished 2nd in the doubles event.

“[Hynes] qualified for all 3 individual events finishing in second place behind Holger Mueller from Germany in all events. Stantz, coming off a great performance at the U.S. Championships, didn’t disappoint at the Worlds. Leah was the anchor leg for the World Champion Relay Team Speedy Stackers. She qualified for the finals in all individual events, almost completing a sweep of the division. Stantz was 2nd in the 3-3-3 event by less than 2 one hundredth of a second. She was World Champion for the 9- to 10-year-old division in both the 3-6-3, and Cycle events. Stantz now holds state records in the doubles, 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and Cycle events.”

Stantz, a third grader, said she enjoyed being recognized at the national and world level for her skills in sport stacking.

“That made me feel like I was someone special to be able to do [well in the competitions],” Stantz said.

Bailey Hynes said she enjoyed the community aspects of sport stacking.

“At the World [Sport Stacking Championships], people come from all over the world and you get to meet lots of new people and make new friends,” Bailey Hynes said.

Sean Hynes said more than 35,000 schools nationwide participate in sport stacking.