Missing Cobb County man found in Bartow
by Staff Report
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Early Tuesday morning Erick Williams, who was reported missing from Cobb County, was found walking along Glade Road by a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

According to the incident report, Williams told the deputy he was walking to Powder Springs. However, when he indicated which way he was walking, he pointed north. The deputy noted Williams was “acting very strangely” and he began to back up. The deputy then told Williams he was “a long way from home” and that he was walking in the wrong direction.

As Williams started walking way from the deputy he was placed in handcuffs for his safety, according to the report. A Cobb County police officer later arrived on scene and transported Williams home.

Woman threatens to kill man in his sleep

Monday night a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a domestic disturbance in which a woman threatened to kill a man as he slept.

When the deputy arrived on the scene, according to the report, the offender, Brenda Edwards, was allegedly screaming at the victim. The deputy separated the two of them and spoke with the victim outside.

The victim said he was sitting on his porch when Edwards became irate and started yelling at him. The victim’s daughter reportedly witnessed the threat.

The victim’s daughter told the deputy that she heard Edwards make the threat. Edwards said she had been arguing with the victim and that his daughter became involved as well. Both the victim and his daughter denied having an argument.

Edwards was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts under the Family Violence Act.

Woman attempts to sell stolen items at marina

At 1:19 p.m. Monday, a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched to the Holiday Harbor Marina in Acworth in reference to a woman trespassing at the location and attempting to sell stolen items.

According to the report, the complainant said he believed the subject was a friend of one of his dock customers that was currently in the eviction process and that he had been notified of her attempting to sell the items. The complainant further stated he wished for the subject to be removed from the property.

The report states the deputy made contact with the subject, who initially was unable to produce an ID and provided varying accounts of her date of birth. After presenting a Georgia ID card and speaking with the deputy, the deputy reported the subject appeared to be under the influence of a drug or narcotic and the subject stated she was taking Adderall.

The subject then provided information to the deputy that he reported “did not make sense” and that she stated she was trying to sell some items to put gas in her car.

The report states another deputy confirmed with the complainant the subject had been asked to leave the property two different times that same day.

The subject was arrested and transported to the jail without incident.