Motorcyclist dies in Thursday crash
by Staff Report
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An area funeral director was killed Thursday afternoon in a single vehicle crash.

Jeff Eberhart, 58, manager and funeral director for Jeff Eberhart Funeral Home in Dallas, was operating a Harley-Davidson just after 12:30 p.m. Thursday when a passing tractor-trailer caused him to lose control, according to Emerson Police Chief Stan Bradley.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, the motorcycle was towing a trailer northbound on Interstate 75 at the Etowah River. Bradley said when the semi passed Eberhart the wind sheer created turbulence, shifting the trailer and causing the driver to lose control.

He was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

@Bodycopy center bold:Fighting men nearly duel with hammer and shovel

A man was struck in the head twice with a hammer, Thursday afternoon, over an argument about money.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the victim arrived at the Sugar Valley residence to see his grandfather when the suspect, Daryl Goss, met him at the gate. Goss, who appeared to be drunk, said he hadn’t been paid yet for some work he had done earlier. After arguing for a while, Goss allegedly produced a hammer and swung it at the victim a few times before he broke a light fixture on the fence.

The victim then backed up to his truck and grabbed a shovel in order to defend himself. However, the victim stuck the shovel in the ground and decided to leave.

When the victim turned around, Goss allegedly struck him twice in the back of the head with the hammer and once in the shoulder. According to the report, the victim was able to get back to his truck and get to the hospital. The victim then had his brother call the police and make a report.

A witness sitting in the victim’s truck made a similar statement, as did the victim’s grandfather, who was sitting on the porch at the time.

The responding deputy attempted to speak with Goss, and he found him laying in the bed of a dark room. Goss appeared to be asleep, according to the report. The deputy gave Goss verbal commands to get out of bed and stepped toward him, but Goss refused. Instead, the suspect reportedly set up in bed and kept his hands concealed.

Since Goss would not show his hands to the officer, a second deputy tased Goss. According to the report, the deputies found a knife in his possession after a search. Goss was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and obstruction. The hammer was not found at the scene after a search, and the deputy was told Goss may have thrown it into a nearby field.

Woman robbed after going out to cook chicken

A woman was hit in the head, and robbed, after driving to an unknown location to cook chicken.

The victim told a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy that she was with two other women, a Leann and an Ashley, the night before and the three of them were going somewhere to cook chicken. However, the victim did not know the women’s last names.

Along the way, according to the victim, one of the women said, “What happens in the car stays in the car.” The victim said she did not think much of the statement at the time. The last thing the victim remembered, according to the report, was one of the women getting a phone call from someone possibly named Billy.

The victim said she then woke up next to a tree somewhere in the area of 339 Cassville Road. She had a bump on her head, according to the report, and she could not remember what happened. Her pocketbook and other items were missing.

The victim believed she was struck in the head and then robbed. She later went to get medical treatment.

BCSO deputy assists Cobb police in fighting suspect

A Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy helped Cobb police take a suspect into custody early Friday morning after a vehicle chase.

The deputy was dispatched to Ga. Highway 41, northbound, to help Cobb County police in a pursuit. According to the report, Cobb County was pursuing a driving under the influence suspect. BCSO deputies then waited in the area of Center Road on Highway 41 and prepared to engage the suspect. The suspect drove over a set of stop sticks and came to a stop in the area of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on Highway 41.

When the reporting deputy arrived at the location, he saw a Cobb officer and an Acworth officer fighting with the suspect, who was later identified as Justin Gonzalez. The deputy helped take Gonzalez into custody, but when Gonzalez continued to resist arrest, the deputy used his taser. Gonzalez was then put in handcuffs.

Cobb County police took custody of the suspect and made the arrest.