Bartow Co. Resource Directory available online
by Marie Nesmith
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In their mission to support the nonprofit community, Bartow Collaborative Inc. — in partnership with the United Way of Bartow County — has released the Bartow County Resource Directory 2013-2014.

Providing a detailed description of each participating agency, the directory lists contact information, physical location, mailing address, hours of operation, eligibility requirements, possible fees and services. The Resource Directory also features phone numbers for various county and municipality officials and services.

“The purpose obviously is to provide a comprehensive and a unique link to all of the agencies that are providing any type of service to children and families in this community,” said Tina Grubbs, executive director for Bartow Collaborative. “... It’s something the community relies on. It’s on the county website. It’s on the city website. It’s on the United Way as well as the Chamber [of Commerce] website. So it’s kind of a link in a lot of different areas for newcomers as well as for the general population.

“But more importantly, I think, it serves for our agencies as a reference point for them to direct their family. So, for example, if somebody is there at DFCS ... and [they have additional needs], the case worker can actually look at the Resource Directory — and it’s alphabetized as well as by initiatives or by special projects, whether it be homelessness/shelters or food pantry — and they can go right straight there and take a look and make a couple of recommendations to that family.”

The Resource Directory currently can be downloaded from the Bartow Collaborative’s new website,, which also is posting links to its community partners, with news and announcements being updated weekly.

“Bartow Collaborative has become like a communication hub for the special services, the agencies, churches,” Grubbs said. “So really what we are trying to do is to seek the information that any of our partners are sending us. We try to place that on the website with a weekly e-blast.

“... There’s also a list of Collaborative partners. ... You can link to any of the agencies that are involved with the Bartow Collaborative. It will go straight into their website.”

Echoing Grubbs’ comments, Brenda Morehouse — president of the local United Way — believes the Resource Directory is a key tool in directing people to the correct agencies.

“The way our Resource Directory benefits partner agencies is that a lot of times people will call with needs and they’re not exactly sure who to call,” Morehouse said. “So ... when somebody calls an agency because they’re familiar with it and they can’t help them with what needs they need, with that Resource Directory they can look up the exact place to direct them to. So like if someone was to call Salvation Army and they needed glasses for their father or something that maybe Salvation Army didn’t have a program for, they can open up the Resource Directory and say, ‘You know what, we don’t help with that but let me get you to somebody who can.’

“Tina’s been doing a really great job since she started working at Bartow Collaborative, being that key resource. ... Their goal is to partner people in a community together for resources. So she’s really taken it to that next level, making sure that the new Resource Directory, the new website has all kinds of links and information available to people.”

For more information about the Resource Directory or obtaining a CD of the document, contact Grubbs at or 678-719-2041.