The Jagged Stones to deliver Rolling Stones music Sept. 7
by Marie Nesmith
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Through their upcoming Grand Theatre concert, The Jagged Stones looks to combine a large-scale concert experience with the intimacy of a small venue. On Sept. 7 at 7 p.m., The Rolling Stones tribute band will perform a mixture of greatest hits and lesser-known tracks for hardcore fans.

“The objective is to bring a similar concert experience,” said Dave Lang, keyboardist for The Jagged Stones. “... These bands that have been around forever, [such as] The Rolling Stones, a lot of people have never had a chance to see them. Of course, some of the concerts now are sort of either out of reach financially or they just don’t come to your town.

“So what we’re trying to do is recreate that similar experience by playing the songs authentically in the original arrangements. We’re sort of built around the guy who looks and sounds like Mick Jagger and that’s really the genesis of the whole band. We’ve got extremely good musicians who fairly accurately replicate the songs as people know them.”

Formed in 2011, The Jagged Stones consists of six members, with Stephen Skipper and Barry Zion portraying Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, respectively.

“Stephen Skipper ... does such a good job as Mick Jagger,” Lang said. “He draws people into it. He’s very charismatic. It’s funny because when people watch us, they almost forget that it’s not The Stones, because he sort of has that presence about him when he sings.

“So I think people are surprised about that. And I think one of the other things that people are surprised about when they see us, maybe people who only listen to the radio ... [is] how many hits The Stones had and we’ve got 50 years to draw on. Most of what we do is probably the first 30 years. ... I think, generally speaking, people are surprised at all the songs that they forget that they know.”

As the metro-Atlanta band prepares to deliver a high-energy concert, Lang and The Grand Program Director Terri Cox both feel its sound will lend itself perfectly for an intimate venue, like the 500-seat Cartersville theater.

“Even though it’s a rock ‘n’ roll show, I think, it is a tribute band, and it’s going to be a fun way for everyone to remember old memories of listening to The Rolling Stones,” Cox said. “This group, they bill themselves as more family-friendly and they don’t push the envelope, so to speak, in the way they portray them. They want it to be fun and just a time when everybody in the community can come together and sort of celebrate the old rock ‘n’ roll days in a fun way.

“The event is co-sponsored by The Grand. We’re putting this on together. We’ve watched their performances on YouTube and are very pleased with what we’ve seen. And we think it’s going to be really great. They have performed at The Strand in Marietta. That venue is very similar to ours. So [since] ... [the band] did well there, we thought it would also do well here.”

Tickets for The Jagged Stones’ concert cost $15. For more information or to obtain tickets in advance, call 770-386-7343 or visit The Grand Theatre ticket office, 7 N. Wall St., Monday through Friday from 8 to 11 a.m. and 12:30 to 5 p.m.