Bartow BOE looks at land sales
by Mark Andrews
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The Bartow County Board of Education on Monday approved to discuss the feasibility of the surplus or sale of existing properties throughout the county.

“There’s a piece of property behind Mission Road [Elementary School]; there’s a dirt road and lot behind old Pine Log [Elementary School] and we sold it and the person said they changed their mind on it ...; then we have the gym at Kingston [Elementary School],” Superintendent John Harper said during the board’s regular business session, adding there also is a field available at Taylorsville Elementary School. “As you’re standing in the doorway at Adairsville Elementary School, you have a playground to the left and beyond that playground we own a piece of property.”

Harper continued, “This has allowed us the opportunity to be able to see what we can do with [the pieces of property]; I’ve worked directly with [attorney] Boyd [Pettit] on how we can do something to see if there’s someone who wants that property.”

The board approved its entire consent agenda, which also included remodeling plans for Hamilton Crossing Elementary School and White Elementary School.

“[At HCEX], we have four portables with two classrooms in them each so that’s a total of eight [rooms], but we’re going to build 10 classrooms there — it looks like an area that’s going to grow in population,” Harper said. “Also, when you pull into that school, the parking is horrendous. The principal’s house that sits on the property, we’re going to remove that to increase parking there ... Back in the day, the principal used to live on that campus, and there’s one [principal’s house] at Pine Log as well.”

He continued, “We’re going to improve their playground, we’re going to renovate the office space because there’s a nursing station issue there, it needs a conference room for the principal to work with as well and make it a little more user-friendly for the public coming in there ... We’re going to put a spot near the bus parking area where the exceptional [education] students can be picked up separate from the other children ... We’re going to redesign that whole traffic pattern to include additional parking and a better flow for parents coming into that building as well as staff.”

WES also will some internal improvements, which will include a focus on safety.

“White Elementary, that’s a very different story. When that school was constructed, they had a media center you had to walk through to get to other classes, so we’re going to add 13 classrooms there and some of those are going to be inside the structure where the media center was ...,” Harper said. “We’re going to do some renovation of the office space; in fact, we’re going to change the way parents enter the school.

“Currently, the way you enter the school, you can turn left and immediately go into the cafeteria where the children are. I’ve not been able to design that such a way to prevent that, so we have another door and you can enter from that same position where you can’t automatically get into the cafeteria, so that will be the new point of entrance rather than immediately coming into the building and having access to children because that is a safety concern for us.”