Pair hog-tied during armed robbery
by Staff Report
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A man and woman were bound by the arms and legs early Sunday morning when armed men invaded their home.

The pair were sleeping on the couch of a Lynn Circle residence when someone began banging on the door, according to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report. The male victim got up to answer the door, even though the female victim told him not to, and the person on the other side of the door said they were with the Acworth water department.

When the male victim opened the door, he saw a black male wearing a hoodie and holding a gun. The suspect forced his way into the residence.

A white male wearing a white hard hat and carrying a clipboard came in next. He went back into the rear bedroom where the female victim had gone and allegedly grabbed her by the back of the shirt to get her back into the living room. According to the report, the couple was ordered to lie down on their stomachs and not look at the suspects. Another white male then entered and began ransacking the house as the other two suspects allegedly held the couple at gunpoint.

At some point a rope was brought in and the victims were reportedly hog-tied. The male victim said they told him it would take at least an hour before he untied himself. The male victim claimed it took him about four minutes to untie his hands.

After untying his hands, the victim said he went to the front door to see if the suspects were still out there. Seeing they were gone, the victim jumped to the kitchen, according to the report, and got a knife. After cutting his feet free, the male victim cut freed the female victim’s hands. She then used the knife to free her feet.

The pair did not recognize the suspects. The male victim said one of them sounded like his old neighbor, but he could not provide a name. The female victim said she recently met the male victim and she was not from the area.

Among the items stolen, according to the report, were a Playstation 3, an XBox 360, videogames, and the female victim’s iPhone 5, purse and wallet.

The deputy noted the male victim had a cut to his forehead, a swollen left eye and marks on his cheek, chin and chest. Rope burns were on his wrists and ankles as well. The female victim reportedly had a carpet burn on her right knee and rope burns on her wrists.

Senior citizen arrested for stalking, threats with shotgun

A 70-year-old man was arrested Saturday night after allegedly threatening a woman with a double-barreled shotgun.

Once the BCSO deputy arrived at the Rolling Hills Drive residence, the victim said she had been having trouble with an older man who lives in the neighborhood, according to the incident report. The victim said the man, James Stephens, had been harassing her because he wanted to have a relationship with her and she turned him down.

The victim said Stephens drove by her home very slowly and yelled profanities out the window while she was outside with her friends. The victim said she and her friends ignored him. A short time later, the victim continued, Stephens drove back, stopped in the road in front of her home and allegedly pointed a double-barreled shotgun out the vehicle’s window.

Stephens reportedly said, “I will kill y’all,” and “I will mess y’all up.”

When one of the victim’s friends told Stephens 911 had been called, he drove away. Two witnesses confirmed the victim’s statements.

The deputy and his backup relocated to Stephens’s home, and after several attempts to knock on the door, they had Bartow dispatch call and ask him to come to the door.

When Stephens opened the door, he was told he was under arrest. After hearing that he was under arrest, Stephens allegedly became verbally abuse toward the deputies and he refused to step outside. When a deputy threatened to taser him if he did not step outside, Stephens reportedly yelled that he had a heart problem and they would kill him if they tased him.

A deputy was able to grab Stephens when he went for his wallet.

Stephens was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, terroristic acts and threats and stalking. He was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.