Sunday Standouts: Final Tally
by Staff Report
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It was an excellent year for Bartow County football teams as the county went a combined 25-15 in the regular season and saw two teams reach the state playoffs.

Coaching and fan support may have had something to do with the success, but at the end of the day, players determine the final outcome of each game.

There were several standout individual performances in Bartow County this season. Many of them were recognized in The Daily Tribune News’ weekly Sunday Standouts column.

Here is a list of the players who were recognized as Sunday Standouts:


Brooks Barden - Cartersville (3)

Mark Quattlebaum - Cartersville (2)

Marcus Childers - Adairsville

Sidnee Johnson - Adairsville

Kalin Heath - Cartersville

Keelyn Wilkey - Cass

Keylon Woodard - Cass

Qua Stocks - Woodland

Khalil Morris - Woodland


Brooks Barden - Cartersville (9)

Sidnee Johnson - Adairsville (8)

Kalin Heath - Cartersville (7)

Mark Quattlebaum - Cartersville (6)

Chaz Rokins - Cass (4)

Marcus Childers - Adairsville (3)

T.L. Ford - Cartersville (3)

Chris Morton - Cass (3)

Isaiah Ross - Woodland (3)

Quadre Allen - Woodland (3)

Khalil Morris - Woodland (3)

Tyler Reed - Cartersville (2)

Tiamon Pennymon - Cartersville (2)

Gordon Gray - Cartersville (2)

Jordan Cothran - Cass (2)

Keylon Woodard - Cass (2)

Chris Morton - Cass (2)

Kelin Wells - Cass (2)

Justin Reed - Cass (2)

Austin Harris - Adairsville

Trey Lloyd - Adairsville

Alex Barnes - Cartersville

Greg Davis - Cartersville

Auston Davis - Cartersville

Trase Fezzia - Cartersville

Keelyn Wilkey - Cass

Colin Rogers - Cass

Monatvius Parker - Cass

Mason Robinson - Woodland

Qua Stocks - Woodland

Jermel Lewis - Woodland

C.J. Woods - Woodland

Damek Lewis - Woodland

McKenzie Borge - Woodland

Jose Panigua - Woodland


Marcus Childers - Adairsville (5)

Tristin Smith - Adairsville (4)

T.L. Ford - Cartersville (2)

Gordon Gray - Cartersville (2)

Trevor Lowe - Cass (2)

Keylon Woodard - Cass (2)

Isaiah Ross - Woodland (2)

Austin Harris - Adairsville

Brooks Barden - Cartersville

Trase Fezzia - Cartersville

Jesse House - Cartersville

Tiamon Pennymon - Cartersville

Kalin Heath - Cartersville

Colin Rogers - Cass

Chris Morton - Cass

Jordan “Boo” Reed - Cass

Montavius Parker - Cass

Chaz Rokins - Cass

Jarvis James - Woodland

Quadre Allen - Woodland

Phelan Philpot - Woodland

NOTES: List does not include preseason or playoff Sunday Standouts... Adairsville’s Sidnee Johnson had made each Sunday Standouts list in which Adairsville was in action before an injury held him out of his last game... Cartersville’s Brooks Barden made the list in nine of his team’s 10 games and made the honorable mention list in Week 10 against Ringgold... Cartersville running back Brandon Long had made four of five Sunday Standouts lists before his season-ending knee injury... Kalin Heath took advantage of becoming the lead back for Cartersville during the last six weeks and made Sunday Standouts five times in six of Cartersville’s remaining games... Woodland punter Jose Panigua was the only player who made the list exclusively as a special teams player, although Adairsville’s Sidnee Johnson, Cartersville’s Mark Quattlebaum and Cass’ Chris Morton each were mentioned as kick or punt returners.