Trio arrested in connection with multiple burglaries
by Staff Report
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Cartersville police arrested three suspects Thursday afternoon in connection with a series of burglaries and entering autos.

According to a press release, Jeffrey Allan Lee, 25; Alex Stephen Durley, 25; and Santanna Courtney Poppell are suspected of committing at least two burglaries Thursday morning. Burglaries and entering autos occurred at Complete Cash, 721 Joe Frank Harris Parkway; Title Pawn Advantage, 743 Joe Frank Harris Parkway; Cartersville Muffler, 747 Joe Frank Harris Parkway; Hilltop Liquors, 318 N. Dixie Ave.; Grand China Restaurant, 416 Grassdale Road; Best China Restaurant, 12 Euharlee Road; and Cruz Auto, 1212 N. Tennessee St.

Cartersville police, according to the release, are also investigating a vehicle taken from the lot of the Kangaroo Convenience Store at 902 Joe Frank Harris Parkway. The department believes a different suspect was responsible for one or more of the other burglaries, and the suspect is still at large.

Lee, Durley and Poppell were arrested after allegedly attempting to cash a check stolen from one of the businesses at Century Bank on East Main Street. The suspects then went to Family Credit Union on Old Mill Road and were arrested, according to the report.

Charges are pending against the suspects.

‘Knock and talk’ turns up meth, pills

Three people were arrested Wednesday morning when they were found to have methamphetamine and prescription pills in their hotel room.

According to the Cartersville police report, the officer went to 1214 N. Tennessee St., Room 104, to conduct a “knock and talk” with Ray Jones. After knocking on the door, the officer noted rustling coming from inside the room and a pause of “several minutes” before Jones opened the door and invited the officer into the hotel room. The officer saw open containers of alcohol and empty clear plastic corner baggies “all over the floor,” according to the report.

Two women were also in the room. One of them, Misti Harakas, was found to have a warrant through Hall County for probation violation. As she was placed into custody, Harakas reportedly pointed at a pile of money on the floor beside her and asked if the officer would make sure her money went to jail with her. She told the officer it all belonged to her. Inside of a folded $20 bill, the officer found a blue, powdery substance.

Jones was found to be on active probation through Bartow County.

A probation officer later arrived at the scene and searched Jones’ urine. According to the report, Jones tested positive for meth, cocaine and THC. A test of Harakas’ urine found meth, cocaine and THC as well.

The third occupant, Adlena Defrank, appeared to be under the influence of a stimulant, according to the report, as her eyes were bloodshot, she could not sit still and seemed to have cotton mouth. A consensual search of Defrank’s purse found a black, cardboard jewelry box containing blue pills. Defrank was taken into custody, according to the report, and the pills were identified as diazepam.

Harakas was charged with probation violation. Defrank was charged with possession of schedule IV and pills not in original container. Jones was charged with probation violation. All three suspects were transported to the Bartow County Jail.