Man sees multiple charges at county jail
by Staff Report
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On Sunday about 9 a.m., a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was assigned to the Bartow County Jail and was informed by medical staff that James Costlow needed to be placed into the restraint chair due to him being violent and disorderly earlier and needing medical attention.

Three additional BCSO employees responded and arrived in the medical ward in the jail where they met with the deputy. When they asked Costlow if he would cooperate with officers, he stated “about time.”

One BCSO employee advised Costlow he would be placed in the chair for his safety, to which he replied “[expletive] that.” At this time he began to walk away from officers and toward the end of the room.

A BCSO sergeant attempted to gain control of Costlow, but he pushed him away. A BCSO deputy approached Costlow and attempted to get control when Costlow used a closed fist and put it on the deputy’s chest to knock him away. Costlow, then, with a closed fist, threw a punch toward the deputy’s face. The deputy dodged the blow and drew his jail-issued taser and pointed it at Costlow.

The deputy gave loud verbal commands for Costlow to get on the ground and stop resisting. He did not comply and continued to fight. The deputy then activated his taser and pulled the trigger, resulting in the prongs hitting Costlow in the upper right shoulder and right above the right elbow. The deputy again gave loud commands for Costlow to get on the ground. He went to the ground, but once the taser stopped cycling, Costlow began to get back up.

The deputy gave further commands for him to remain on the ground, but he failed to comply. Due to Costlow not complying, the deputy deployed the taser again. Costlow then complied with his orders.

Costlow was secured in the chair by the other BCSO employees about 9:14 a.m. The darts were removed at 9:15 a.m. and the wounds were treated on scene.

When Costlow was asked by the deputy why he pushed him and tried to punch him, he stated, “I guess we ain’t playing now.”

Costlow was placed in the cage in medical to be monitored by medical staff every 15 minutes. He was removed from the chair at 12:08 p.m. and placed back into his room in medical without incident.

Due to Costlow using violence to obstruct the deputy in the discharge of his lawful duties, a warrant was secured for felony obstruction; due to Costlow committing a violent act toward a deputy while legally confined in the Bartow County Jail, a warrant was secured for riot in a penal institution; due to Costlow placing a deputy in reasonable fear of receiving a serious bodily injury, a warrant was secured for simple assault on a law enforcement officer.

Chase in Cartersville

On Friday about 4:40 p.m., a Cartersville Police Department officer was involved in a chase beginning at the intersection of Aubrey Street and Hattie Street, according to an incident report.

Initially, the officer observed a white Ford Explorer without an illuminating driver side brake light traveling south on Cassville Road at North Erwin Street. The officer activated his emergency lights, saw the driver, later identified as Alvon Bryant, make eye contact with the officer via his rearview mirror, then proceed to accelerate his vehicle, making a quick turn onto Mull Street.

The vehicle came to an abrupt stop at the intersection of Mull Street and Hill Street and Bryant jumped out of the vehicle and ran toward the residence of 19 Mull St. The officer gave chase to Bryant, yelling verbal commands for him to stop. The officer deployed his department-issued taser, and after Bryant refused to stop fleeing, he fired the taser as Bryant made an abrupt turn, causing the taser prongs to miss striking him.

Bryant ran to the front door of the residence, opened the front door and proceeded to run inside while yelling someone’s name that was in the residence. At this time, the officer grabbed Bryant’s jacket with his left hand to prevent him from retreating inside the residence. He pulled him out of the residence far enough to escort him to the ground. Bryant was continuously trying to get up off the ground as the officer was ordering him to lie still. The officer gained control of his hands and placed him in handcuffs.

A Georgia Crime Information Center check revealed Bryant did not have a valid drivers license and was on probation through Cartersville Probation 1.

Bryant said he ran from the officer because he was trying to get the vehicle back to his girlfriend because he did not have a license.

Bryant was arrested and transported to the Cartersville Police Department for processing and later to the Bartow County Jail for housing.

Fraudulent bills passed at businesses

A black male passed off fake $50 bills at three businesses Sunday afternoon.

Just before 3 p.m., a CPD officer was dispatched to 2471 U.S. Highway 411, the location of Prewetts Fruit Stand, in reference to a forgery report, according to an incident report. Upon arrival, the officer met with the complainant, who stated that about 2:40 p.m., he received a counterfeit $50 bill from a black male subject in his early 40s with short black hair, about 5-foot-10-inches tall, thin build, driving a dark Nissan Armada with a heavy-set black female in the passenger seat.

The complainant stated he did not know the bill was counterfeit until after he was advised by the clerk at the Sunoco Food Mart.

An employee at Sunoco said a black male matching the same description entered and paid with a $50. The woman said after the man left, she discovered the bill was originally a $5.

According to the employee, she watched the man drive to the Texaco Food Mart in the Nissan SUV but he left before she could stop him.

A Texaco employee was able to provide a third counterfeit bill with the same serial number as the one passed at the fruit stand.

More than $1,000 stolen at Country Pride

On Sunday a BCSO deputy was dispatched to 981 Cass White Road, Cartersville, the location of the Country Pride restaurant, in reference to a theft report, according to an incident report.

Upon arrival, the deputy met with the complainant, a Country Pride employee, who said an unknown subject stole $1,640 in cash from his wallet that he forgot and left in the men’s employee bathroom located in the kitchen area of the restaurant.

The complainant said he went to the bathroom about 2 p.m., and when he did, he placed his wallet on the toilet paper dispenser. He said he never realized his wallet was missing until a co-worker found his wallet on the toilet paper dispenser where he left it at about 2:20 p.m. The complainant said his co-worker returned the wallet to him, but did not say anything about the contents of the wallet. He said the co-worker was in the restroom because she was going to clean the restroom.

The complainant said he just put his wallet back into his pocket after his co-worker gave it to him without counting the money inside. Once his shift ended at 3 p.m., the co-worker left and the complainant said he thought to check the contents of the wallet, which no longer contained the cash.

The complainant said he had that much cash because he just filed his income tax returns and was going to use the money to buy a new car. He said whoever stole the money left $820 in cash. The cash was in the form of 13 $100 bills, five $50 bills, four $20 bills and one $10 bill.

The deputy was able to locate the co-worker’s home address, went to the address and stated the co-worker was very cooperative and allowed the deputy to check her property for any large amounts of U.S. currency. The co-worker said there was no money in her checking account because her tax return money was taken in overdraft fees that she accrued in her checking account earlier in the month.

The co-worker confirmed she found the complainant’s wallet in the men’s employee bathroom during her cleaning duties. She further stated she never looked inside the wallet, and once she found it, she immediately handed it to the complainant.