Do the math
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LakePoint announced in November of 2013 that a Polercoaster will be built in Emerson. They made this announcement without consulting Emerson’s Planning and Zoning Commission or the city council. Vigorous discussion are now ongoing as the city council debates whether to approve this deviation from the LakePoint design plan.

Hello! The Emerson’s zoning ordinances do not allow a roller coaster in the city. Why? Because it is a bad idea.

Just one of the problems would be traffic. The manufacturer’s website says that the roller coaster’s ridership will be 850 to 1,600 people per hour.

Let’s do the math. Using the low number (850 people per hour) and the 14 hours they plan to have it running, you can project that each day there would be 11,900 people riding the thing. That is almost eight times the population of Emerson! Each week the ride would draw 83,300 people, more than a time and a half the capacity of Turner Field. Each year 4,331,600 people would come to Emerson to ride, about 40 percent of the population of Georgia.

Using the higher number (1,600 people per hour) to project ridership, you find that 22,400 people would be riding the thing daily. Each week 156,800 people would ride. Each year 8,153,600 people would pass through Emerson, clog our roads, use our infrastructure and leave. Not a good deal for either the city or its citizens.

Putting aside the improbability that these numbers would be reached, the incentive would be for LakePoint to attract as many people off the interstate to ride as possible to bring in revenue to cover operating costs and make some profit.

Do you see why the city’s ordinances do not allow it?

I want LakePoint to be successful, but not on the backs of residents. We need to stick to the original concept of a family-friendly, sports-oriented complex.

Thank you,

Steve Hairston