Woman forges almost $600K in checks
by Staff Report
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A Cartersville woman faces charges after forging checks worth almost $600,000.

Jennifer Streetman, 39, of Cartersville, allegedly took the money using forged checks from Telenet Systems of Cartersville where she has been employed for 17 years, according to Cartersville police.

Since June 2012, Streetman allegedly printed 34 company checks worth roughly $585,000 in her name and cashed the checks all without the permission of Telenet Systems, where she was the office manager. Investigators say the total could go higher.

Cartersville police said Streetman allegedly would re-create invoices that had already been paid and then print a check listing her as the payee for the invoice amount. The forgeries were discovered when Streetman re-created an invoice that had not yet been paid. When the company who had issued the original invoice complained that they had not yet received payment the scheme was uncovered.

Streetman turned herself into Cartersville police Wednesday and is being charged with 15 counts of theft by conversion. Additional charges will be forthcoming.

Woman claims to be own daughter to avoid arrest

Following a traffic accident Tuesday morning, one woman attempted to use her daughter’s identity to avoid being arrested on an active warrant.

According to a Cartersville police incident report, two vehicles were involved in an accident at the intersection of East Main Street and Joe Frank Harris Parkway. Though the drivers decided to handle the accident privately, the second driver requested the information be documented in case it was not taken care of it. The second driver also said that an older woman had gotten out of the other vehicle and left the scene when she was told the police were en route.

When the officer asked the first driver about her passenger, he was told it was the woman’s daughter and that her name was Brittany Nicole Adams, 23 years old. The officer was also told the woman left the scene to use the bathroom. However, the second driver said the woman was “quite older than 23 years old,” according to the report.

“I released both drivers and waited a total of 35 minutes for the mystery female to show back up,” the officer reported.

The officer later followed the first driver and was able to see the woman in the passenger seat. The officer also noted the woman, “... appeared to be much older than 23 years of age.” The officer made contact with the driver to determine the passenger’s identity. The woman, later identified as Kimberly Dawn Bilodeau, said she was Brittany Nicole Adams and gave a date of birth in 1990. Bilodeau said she did not have any identification on her to prove her claim.

After running the provided information through the system to get a description, the officer compared Bilodeau to the Adams description. The officer found “Ms. Bilodeau was quite a bit heavier than Ms. Brittany Nicole Adams and had a good bit of Gray hair,” according to the report. The officer requested, and received from dispatch, a photo of Adams, and became positive Bilodeau was not Adams.

According to the report, Bilodeau “swore to god” she was Adams and stated she would be willing to be fingerprinted at Cartersville Police Department. Eventually, the officer called a phone number Bilodeau provided and spoke with Adams. Adams said she was not with her mother and was not in Cartersville.

Bilodeau admitted to her real name and was arrested for giving false name and date of birth, in addition to the active warrant. She was transported to CPD and later the Bartow County Jail.