Scam revealed after follow-up call
by Staff Report
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On Friday, a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched to a home in the Indian Hills subdivision in Rydal. According to the incident report, the complainant told police she was late on her mortgage payment and was in the process of restructuring her loan. She received a phone call from an Asian-sounding man who identified himself as Sam Smith and said he was calling from M&T Bank in Buffalo, N.Y., regarding the status of her loan restructuring.

Smith advised the complainant she was late on her mortgage payment and was in danger of foreclosure. He informed her the loan restructure was approved and an additional payment of $490 was required.

He instructed her to purchase a Green Dot prepaid credit card for $690 and an additional card for $490 from Wal-Mart. After purchasing the cards, the complainant contacted M&T Bank and was informed the bank did not employ the caller, Smith.

Family brawl erupts in Kingston

The responding officer to a domestic altercation in Kingston was met by multiple people pointing to the nearby woods and telling him the alleged perpetrator, James Hall, was running away. At the scene, the officer immediately noticed a man with a bloody face and a missing tooth, whom was later identified as the primary victim and Hall’s father. After ensuring the man’s injuries were not life threatening, the officer pursued Hall in the woods but lost sight of him and returned to the residence.

According to the police report, the incident began when the Hall’s father walked outside and asked him about the vehicle he borrowed. Hall quickly became upset and struck his father. The fight continued inside the residence with Hall repeatedly striking his father.

Hall’s son, also injured in the melee, said he attempted to stop the fight, but in the process his thumb was hurt and possibly broken. Hall’s wife also attempted to intervene, but he punched her multiple times in the face and the body. The officer noted in the report there was blood on her clothing and a large, red swollen area was beginning to develop around her eye.

Hall’s mother told police she had been sleeping and did not observe the incident, but she knew both Hall and his father had been drinking.

The family was advised to call 911 if Hall returned. A short time after the officer left, dispatch received a call stating he was back on the scene. Multiple units responded and police apprehended Hall.

Woman jailed for slap

A man staying in a cabin at Sandtown Road, Cartersville, called police as he struggled to restrain a woman who slapped him. The victim told police he and his girlfriend, later identified as Rhonetta Wiley, had argued about her tattoo. During the altercation, the victim alleged Wiley walked toward him in an aggressive manor and slapped his face. She allegedly continued to pursue him and after a short scuffle, he restrained her and called police.

According to the incident report, Wiley admitted slapping the man, but said she did it because he called her a “ho.”

The victim wished to press charges and Wiley was placed under arrest for simple battery.