Three vie for Adairsville mayoral post
by Neil McGahee
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Three candidates, Kenneth J. “J.C.” Carson, Ronald “Ronnie” Everett and Adena Harper, are running to fill the remaining term of Mayor Evan King who resigned in March. The special election will be held May 20.

Name: Kenneth J. “K.C.” Carson

Age: 49

Occupation: Business owner/Calhoun Police sergeant

Family: Five children — Ashley, 30; Keplin, 28; Kenneth II, 26; Marquetta, 25; Kennedy, 3; and six grandchildren

Education: Cartersville High School, Georgia Police Academy, and multiple certifications through various colleges and universities including The University of West Georgia, Floyd College and Georgia Northwestern Technical College.


Why did you decide to run for this particular race?

A: I decided to run for this position because I love Adairsville, I have worked here, owned businesses and lived here a great portion of my life. The people of Adairsville are the people I grew up with. My aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, their parents and even grandparents, whom I know on a first-name basis, make up this community. My sons, Kenneth II and Keplin, played football in Adairsville. Kenneth II and Marquetta, my daughter, graduated from Adairsville High School. I remember my first job in Adairsville at the age of 13, and that same determination to be all I could be is what I want for Adairsville. Adairsville matters to me. It is at the core of who I am with the expectation of seeing the community grow and prosper while maintaining its small town charm. We are a close-knit community with a great deal to offer our citizens as well as Georgians across the state. Times have been tough for our residents and local business owners during the economic downturn, but across the state and across northwest Georgia, companies are beginning to expand. Jobs are coming into other neighboring communities and it’s time we see that same growth in Adairsville.

If elected, what do you want to accomplish?

A: If elected, my main goals will be working with the city council, city manager and Downtown Development Authority to bring sound economic growth and jobs to Adairsville while keeping our hometown atmosphere. I will focus on improving the infrastructure of the city and its neighborhoods, as well as utilizing available grants and resources to repair streets and sewers.

Additionally, I would like to see the formation of a committee, overseen by the mayor, that would develop mentoring programs for the youth, thus making opportunities available for tomorrow’s leaders. Growing Adairsville isn’t just about what we do today … it is about the vision for tomorrow!

What is the most pressing issue facing Adairsville?

A: Economic growth is key, as well as the management of revenues and prioritizing expenditures of tax dollars so the majority of funds are used to revitalize the city of Adairsville with projects that contribute to the common good.

Once in office, what will be your top priority?

A: My number one priority as mayor will be to serve the people of Adairsville with an open-door policy. As their representative, I will work tirelessly with the city council addressing immediate concerns with infrastructure and begin to lay the groundwork for encouraging businesses to want to come to Adairsville. Again, working with the city council, city manager and the DDA, I will focus on revitalizing the downtown community to encourage tourism and local support of businesses so as to bring increased traffic and growth to our city.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

A: Adairsville is my hometown and I have been a business owner more than 30 years. I have served as a member of law enforcement for more than 27 years and I believe this speaks volume to both caring for and serving citizens. I’m passionate about leading Adairsville into the next phase of growth, and I have first-hand experience with the inner workings of municipalities. My extensive management and budgeting background will be an asset in leading city operations, and over many years I have learned the important values in the use of decorum when attempting to achieve a point of mutual agreement. It takes leadership and vision to make things happen and it takes the right person to see it through. I am that person.

Name: Ronald (Ronnie) Everett

Age: 65

Occupation: retired electrical/electronic instrument technician

Family: Married 29 years, wife, Pamela Cline Everett; son, Josh; stepdaughter, Shannon Payne Ertzberger; four grandsons.

Education: Model High School, Coosa Valley Tech — electronic technology, Coosa Valley Tech — industrial electronics, U.S. Navy — aviation electrician

Why did you decide to run for this particular race?

A: The reason I am running for mayor: I feel we need to be aggressive in our search for new businesses and manufacturing in our community. We have got to do this to increase our economic growth. I also believe small business is the lifeblood of a community and we need to support them.

If elected, what do you want to accomplish?

A: I would like to work with our city council to make these things happen and to be a good steward and representative for our city.

What is the most pressing issue facing Adairsville?

A: I believe one of most pressing issues at the present is to get some work done toward the repair of our water and sewage infrastructure. Completing the city hall project before the Great Locomotive Chase Festival is also of great importance.

Once in office, what will be your top priority?

A: I don’t know that I can give you a priority on these things since the city council controls the flow of things. My priority is jobs, jobs, jobs!

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

A: I feel I am the best candidate for mayor because I have lived here for the last 38 years, been attending city council meeting regularly for the last two years and have the experience in industry to know what it takes to run a water, sewage system. I have neighbors and friends that ask me to run for mayor, so I will do the best job I can, to make all of them and the city proud.

Name: Adena Harper

Age: 51

Occupation: Small business owner — independent sales director with Mary Kay Cosmetics

Family: Husband, John; sons, Seth, senior at University of North Georgia and Shane, sophomore at Mercer University; mother, Velva Patterson

Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science, College of Charleston; master’s degree in public administration, University of South Carolina/College of Charleston

Why did you decide to run for this position?

A: I decided to run because I offer a business perspective, experience in government operations and infrastructure as well as a vision for our future. We chose to move here because of the small town hospitality. We felt welcomed and quickly became a part of this community. Having lived in various towns both large and small, I know my work experiences and business relationships will be invaluable to our city as we focus on our future.

If elected, what do you want to accomplish?

A: There are several accomplishments I feel are important to our city.

• I will bring together business and industrial leaders together through a business roundtable. We have seven international businesses and a variety of both manufacturing, commercial and retail businesses in Adairsville. I feel we need to foster communication among these as well as establish new relationships.

• I will develop a citizens advisory panel to discuss ways to improve Adairsville and keep an open dialogue between our city government and our residents.

• Enhance our city through community beautification projects. We have a beautiful city that is the first city in Georgia to be listed on the National Historic Registry. We need to continue seeking out potential funding sources for these projects.

• Work closely with our city manager and city council on the design and construction plan for city hall. This project must be closely monitored and researched so we can be transparent to our citizens on this project.

What is the most pressing issue for Adairsville?

A: Our most pressing issue is preparing for our future growth. The northwest Georgia region is experiencing major business expansion. We have seen this in Adairsville already with the Shaw Carpet announcement of bringing 400 jobs to our city. We need to be prepared and ready. A collaborative effort between city council, city staff, business leaders and mostly importantly our residents is vital to our success. We have so much to offer business prospects: easy access to Interstate 75, close proximity to both Atlanta and Chattanooga, utilities — water and natural gas — we can offer to these businesses as well as the access to the railroad.

We are in an excellent position to truly offer businesses a location with small town hospitality, supportive government as well as community leaders and a city with major growth potential. I believe proactive planning and preparing for our future growth, we can have a steady growth rather than reacting to growth after it has happened.

Once in office, what will be your top priority?

A: My top priority is to “focus on our future.” We need to plan and prepare for the growth of our city. This growth can include industrial and commercial expansion as well as residential. I feel the mayor must work closely with our city council and city staff on our strategic plan as well as a vision for our city. It is not something one person can do alone. We must have a spirit of collaboration and cooperation between many. Everyone from our city council, staff, DDA, Planning and Zoning Commission as well as business and community leaders must have the same focus which is the future of our city and residents.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

A: I believe I am the best candidate for several reasons.

1. I have worked to build relationships with city, county, regional and state officials. Through my chairmanship with the Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber of a Commerce, I believe these relationships can greatly benefit our city. I offer a new and professional perspective to our city.

2. Having worked as a staff planner in a growing community, I believe my knowledge in subdivision development will benefit Adairsville. I have coordinated government projects where I worked with multiple agencies on planning and zoning issues as well as government infrastructure needs. These areas are ones in which Adairsville needs to place close attention to as we plan for our growth.

3. Through these work experiences as well as my business knowledge and education, I know I can bring a vision to the city that not only embraces our past but is focused on our future.