Deputies tase man three times
by Staff Report
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Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputies tased a man three times Monday night when he would not let go of a rock.

A deputy was called to a Pecan Lane residence in regard to a trespassing call. On scene the caller said his son, Henry Freeman IV, was in the backyard and he was trespassing. Freeman had previously signed a trespass warning earlier on Monday, according to the incident report.

Freeman said he was at the residence because he wanted to see his family. When asked if he signed a trespass warning earlier that day, he said yes. Freeman then “began to say random things and was not making sense,” according to the report.

A second deputy arrived on scene, and Freeman was asked to walk toward them as, according to the report, “due to where he was standing, I felt it would be safer to get him away from any weapons of opportunity.”

The deputies also saw a pocket knife in Freeman’s pocket.

Freeman allegedly picked up a rock and would not put it down. He said he was going to put it into the fire, but there was no fire in the fire pit. When asked a second time to approach the deputies, Freeman reportedly took “an offensive stance” and said, “Come to me.”

As the deputies approached Freeman he reportedly jumped at one of the deputies. When Freeman did not follow commands to put his hands on his head, he was tased. However, the taser did not make good contact and, according to the report, Freeman was able to kick his leg at a deputy’s head.

Freeman was tased again, but Freeman was able to grab a deputy’s leg and allegedly attempt to pull him down.

The other deputy used his taser and Freeman was able to be handcuffed. Taser prongs were removed from his wrist, leg and back.

Freeman was arrested and charged with felony obstruction and criminal trespass under the Family Violence Act.

Prowler found to have kitchen knife in pants

Of two prowlers arrested early Tuesday morning, one was found to have concealed a kitchen knife in his waistband.

A complainant told a BCSO deputy she heard two people arguing outside her home on Green Acre Lane. She went outside and saw a man with a mohawk, later identified as Jason Bishop, and a woman, later identified as Angela O’Hare. The woman yelled at the pair to get off her property and they reportedly began to walk toward her backyard.

The woman went out her back door and yelled at them again. Bishop and O’Hare reportedly ran around the side of the house toward a ditch and then back toward the road.

Earlier in the evening, according to the report, another call came from Dean Road about Bishop and O’Hare. The caller said the two came on his property and asked to charge their cellphones.

Another deputy found Bishop and O’Hare and they were frisked. According to the report, a knife was found in Bishop’s waistband. Both Bishop and O’Hare matched descriptions given by the complainants.

Bishop admitted to being on the Green Acre Lane property, but said it was only for a minute. Bishop continued, saying he and O’Hare were coming from the area of Cut Off Road and were traveling toward Parkway North Apartments on Joe Frank Harris Parkway. The deputy noted Bishop went out of his way by traveling through surrounding neighborhoods.

O’Hare denied being on anyone’s property.

Bishop and O’Hare were arrested and charged with prowling. Another search reportedly found a black mechanic’s glove and a flashlight on Bishop. Both suspects were transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Tearful shoplifter steals $8 in merchandise

One woman reportedly broke into tears multiple times Tuesday morning after she was caught shoplifting from a Dollar General.

When Cartersville police arrived at the Market Square store, the officer saw Kimberly Stiles at the counter, crying. The store manager said he saw Stiles enter the store, go back to the underwear aisle and then walk through the store with items in her hand. When Stiles approached the counter, the manager said, she had fewer items in her hands.

After Stiles left, the manager checked the security cameras and saw Stiles allegedly putting items in her purse. The store manager walked outside and confronted Stiles in the parking lot. The manager asked Stiles to open her purse, which revealed two hair scrunchies, one tube of lipstick and a can of hairspray. The manager also saw a prescription bottle with pills in it, according to the report, and he assumed Stiles was under the influence of drugs due to her behavior.

When the officer approached Stiles, he noted she was “crying uncontrollably and began praying for forgiveness.” Stiles admitted she stole the items, but she did not know why as she had money in her pocket.

Stiles was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

While being transported to the Cartersville Police Department, Stiles reportedly began saying,” Who’s going to watch my baby?” She also said, “Am I going to see my kid?”

The officer later discovered Stiles was talking about her dog.

During an inspection at CPD, two syringes and a prescription bottle not prescribed to Stiles was found in her purse. The pill bottle contained 29 Adderall, six Phentermine Hydrochloride pills and methamphetamine. Stiles was later transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Intoxicated driver bends no turn sign

One woman was found asleep in the back of a car Tuesday night that had bent a no turn sign on the side of the road.

According to the Cartersville police incident report, the officer responded to the scene on North Tennessee Street to find a Chrysler Sebring resting against a bent road sign with its lights on.

As he approached the vehicle, the officer saw a clear bottle with approximately an inch of liquid inside of it resting on the passenger seat. He then saw a woman, later identified as Norma Melton, sleeping in the back seat. When he woke Melton up, the officer could smell alcohol coming from her. When speaking, Melton was slurring her words, according to the report.

When asked what happened, Melton said, “We were singing. We were just singing.”

Melton said the vehicle belonged to her boyfriend. When asked where he was located, Melton pointed at a gas station. Melton said she had been at the gas station for two hours. The officer told Melton she had not been there for two hours. When asked, Melton said she had been driving.

Melton said she was at a restaurant and had approximately four Vodka drinks. When asked if the bottle in the passenger seat was hers, Melton said, according to the report, “‘no,’ however she would have probably drank it.”

Melton did not pass field sobriety tests, and tests at CPD gave blood alcohol numbers of .240 and .237.

Melton was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. She was later released on bond.