Man arrested after second domestic dispute
by Jason Lowrey
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Staff Report

After allegedly beating two women earlier in the month, a man was arrested Monday when he again became aggressive.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Nathaniel Jones Jr. was attempting to become physical with two women at a Cassville Road residence, which caused the women to get into a truck sitting in the driveway. The pair called 911 and told dispatch that Jones was intoxicated, may have knives and would fight with law enforcement.

When a deputy arrived on scene, both women were still in the truck and “were very upset.” Both women had bruises on their faces, according to the report. One of the women, Jones’ girlfriend, said there were knives in the bedroom that she had hidden so Jones could not use them.

The deputy knocked on the door, which Jones opened before walking back inside the residence. The deputy followed Jones and asked what happened, but he was unable to understand Jones, who did appear to be intoxicated. When asked what happened to the women outside, Jones said, “We had an altercation,” according to the report. When asked if he caused the bruises, Jones said he did.

Jones was put into handcuffs and placed in the deputy’s patrol vehicle.

The girlfriend said on June 5 she was in the camper next to the residence when she and Jones began to argue. She said Jones was removing an air conditioning unit from the camper when he allegedly pushed her to the ground, removed his belt and began to beat her with it. The woman was able to run to the house as her mother pulled into the driveway, according to the report. When the mother came inside, Jones allegedly grabbed her by her hair and punched her and threw her on the ground.

The girlfriend said she was trying to get Jones off her mother when he allegedly began to hit her in the face. The woman said there was blood all over her, the walls and the floor. The mother confirmed her daughter’s story, adding Jones allegedly threw her to the ground three times. The deputy noted she had a “busted” lip, bruises on her left upper arm and had a swollen wrist. The girlfriend was noted as not being able to open her mouth all the way and her left eye was “extremely swollen.”

On Monday Jones reportedly tried to take the mother’s truck keys and began to get aggressive again, so both women went outside and called 911.

Emergency medical services arrived on scene and said the girlfriend needed to go to the hospital. The mother said she would drive her.

Jones was arrested and charged with aggravated battery under the Family Violence Act and battery (FVA).

Man with puppy arrested at QuikTrip

A man holding a puppy was arrested Tuesday night after he allegedly followed a woman down the road while screaming and yelling at her.

A BCSO deputy responded to the QuikTrip on Joe Frank Harris Parkway where Robert Shepherd was standing inside the store with Shelly Gardiner on the other side of the counter. Shepherd said he woke up in his Cassville Road residence with Gardiner “crawling all over him and trying to steal his phone,” according to the incident report. Shepherd also was reportedly holding a puppy and rubbing it against his face and neck as he spoke with the deputy. The deputy noted Shepherd’s movements were “very jerky,” he was jerking his head back and forth and his pupils were constricted and not responding to light.

The deputy asked when Shepherd last used narcotics, and he asked the deputy when he last used steroids. Shepherd then stepped away from the deputy and said he was going to beat him.

The deputy concluded Shepherd was showing signs of using narcotics and placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct. When the deputy tried to handcuff Shepherd, he tried to pull away. After putting Shepherd in the patrol vehicle, he reportedly began to scream for help, said the deputy was beating him and that the deputy was “shooting up meth” in his arm.

Gardiner said she had met Shepherd two days prior and had been staying with him at the Cassville Road residence. She said he woke her up by screaming at her and saying he was going to break her puppy’s neck. Gardiner left the residence and Shepherd followed her while screaming. Gardiner went to the QuikTrip as she did not have a phone.

Gardiner was found to have an outstanding warrant through Cartersville police and she was released to the Cartersville Police Department.

Shepherd was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Burned boat found on hunting property

A boat burned so badly it could not be identified was found Monday morning on hunting property near Snow Springs Road.

The complainant said he saw the boat on Saturday and said the property was at the corner of Snow Springs and Rock Fence roads. The responding deputies found the boat and saw it was burned to the point where they could not identify the type of boat. No identifying marks were found on the boat or its trailer. The wheels, tires and motor were also missing, according to the report.

Due to recent rain and mud in the area, the boat was unable to be recovered.