Knife pulled out during assault
by Staff Report
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When a woman was assaulted early Saturday morning, the suspect allegedly pulled a knife on her.

A Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was called to the McKaskey Creek Road residence and spoke with the victim, who said she was in an argument with Jason Ledbetter. She said Ledbetter allegedly punched her in the left ear twice, choked her, threatened to stab her and broke her necklace and bracelet before fleeing the scene.

The deputy noted red marks around the victim’s throat, a “very red” left ear and the broken necklace. The knife was described as a gray, pearl-handled pocket knife.

The victim said she was on the phone with 911 when Ledbetter was threatening to kill her for “ruining his life.” Bartow County Dispatch received the call recording and said they could hear Ledbetter yelling in the background that the victim was ruining his life.

Another deputy located Ledbetter and returned him to the scene. Ledbetter said he was talking to the victim when they began to fight and the victim pulled out a knife and came at him. Ledbetter said he had to disarm the victim by punching her in the head and pulling on her clothing. After he disarmed the victim, Ledbetter said, he put the knife in her vehicle.

A search of the victim’s vehicle did not find the knife. After searching Ledbetter, deputies found the knife on his person.

Ledbetter was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, battery, terroristic threats and acts and criminal trespass. He was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Woman under the influence nearly strikes vehicles, building

After leaving work, a woman driving under the influence of drugs struck one vehicle on her way home and nearly hit a Dollar General store.

Sunday afternoon a caller told Bartow County Dispatch a gold Honda Civic had hit the back of her vehicle on Ga. Highway 113 near Burnt Hickory Road, but there was no damage and she did not need a report. However, the caller did say the Honda was “all over the roadway.” The caller said the driver, later identified as Darlene Shaw, was an older woman with a ponytail.

A BCSO deputy in the area responded and dispatch updated him on Shaw’s location.

Another caller said Shaw nearly struck her vehicle and was reportedly swerving all over the roadway near Picklesimer Road on Highway 113. The caller said she pulled over to allow Shaw to pass. Shaw then pulled into the parking lot of the Dollar General on Highway 113 near Covered Bridge Road, according to the report.

The second caller gave dispatch the vehicle’s license plate number and gave a description of Shaw, saying she was wearing a brown apron with yellow writing, a light colored blouse and black slacks. The second caller also said Shaw was “staggering and having difficulty walking,” according to the report. When Shaw got back into her vehicle, she allegedly put it into drive instead of reverse and almost hit the store.

The second caller followed Shaw after leaving the store and continued west on Highway 113 until the area of Floyd Creek Church Road, where the caller lost sight of Shaw.

After dispatch ran the license plate number, the deputy went to Shaw’s residence and was able to speak with her. The deputy noted she was wearing the same items the second caller had described. When the deputy explained how he had received calls about her driving, Shaw said she had run off the road on Interstate 75 southbound near the Cartersville Main Street exit. Shaw also said she had gone north on I-75 before she realized she was going the wrong way and she had to turn around, according to the report.

As he spoke with Shaw, the deputy noted she appeared drowsy, was licking her lips continually and her movements were slow and lethargic. Shaw said she had not had any alcohol or taken any medications. When asked again, Shaw said she had taken “a couple” of Flexeril, which she had a prescription for, and Klonopin, which she got from a friend.

Shaw was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and failure to drive within a single lane. A blood sample was later taken and Shaw was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Woman attempts to steal medical supplies from CMC

A woman attempted to steal used syringes, vials, forceps, a pocket knife and a used scalpel Monday night, while she was checked in at Cartersville Medical Center.

According to the BCSO incident report, a deputy was at CMC on a special detail when a nurse told him a patient, Tonya Walker, had items belonging to the hospital in her duffle bag.

The nurse said she saw syringe wrappers and 18-gauge needle wrappers on the floor along with the sharps container box in room 21, where Walker was staying. The nurse also said sheetrock dust was covering the counter as well. When asked about the trash on the floor and the sharps box, Walker said it fell off the wall and spilled all over the floor. When asked if there were syringes or needles in her bag, Walker said, “We can all look together,” according to the report.

Hospital personnel were present for the search, which turned up hospital blue pads, wound cleaner, packs of sterile pads, syringes, empty medicine vials, needles, syringes with needles broken off, syringes with blood in them, forceps, a pocket knife, an ophthalmoscope and a used scalpel, according to the report. Bloody forceps were reportedly found in the bed as well.

The items, valued at approximately $600, were returned to CMC. The damage to the wall and sharps container was valued at $100.

Walker said she did not know how the items got into her duffle bag. According to the report, Walker repeatedly said she “blacks out on occasion and does not know what happens when she blacks out.”

After being discharged from the emergency room, Walker was arrested and charged with theft by taking and criminal trespass.

Tow trucks stolen from business

M&M of Georgia reported three vehicles were stolen from its property Monday morning.

According to the BCSO incident report, a 2005 F-650 truck, a 2006 F-350 truck and 2005 C-350 truck were stolen. Both the F-series trucks were described as a black, roll-back wrecker truck, while the C-350 was described as a white service truck with a generator, fuel tank and air compressor on the back.

The three trucks were listed in the Georgia Crime Information Center and a be on the look out was listed for them.