Barnsley named among top 10 Southern resorts
by Jason Lowrey
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Barnsley Resort is one of the top 10 resorts in the South, as determined by USA Today.

Announced in a July 2 article, the newspaper determined which 10 resorts in the region they considered the best places to relax. Barnsley Resort being named one of the best, General Manager Michael Gordon said, was an honor.

“It’s exciting for us. It’s exciting for our colleagues to be recognized nationally and it’s nice to know that USA Today knows what the region knows in that we’re a first-class, world-class resort,” he said.

Located on 3,300 acres in Bartow County southwest of Adairsville, the resort is named after Godfrey Barnsley, who built the original estate and the manor house that still stands as a picturesque ruin. Later purchased by Prince Hubertus Fugger in 1988, the estate’s gardens and ruins were restored before becoming a resort. The history and aesthetics are just two of the resort’s attractions, Gordon believed.

“It’s a unique experience and the staff here, our colleagues are very warm and friendly,” he said. “The guests love the history, they love the accommodations, the food and beverages, but it’s the staff that makes us stand apart from the rest.

“... Well, we’re always training every day and always trying to learn more about our customers, what they want and make sure that our service is relevant compared to what all the other resorts in the world are doing. Let’s not forget we’ve got [a] spa, fantastic restaurants, hunting, sporting clays, golf, all sort of activities, so we have an advantage that many places do not have with all the activities we have.”

In addition to serving as a resort for visitors around the world, Barnsley also offers attractions for those who are much closer. The resort’s membership program, which is offering reduced initiation fees through July 15, allows individuals to enjoy the hunting, spa and recreational facilities at their leisure, as well as other benefits.

“The majority of our members are locally from the area, so whether it’s Cartersville, Rome, Calhoun ... that’s definitely what we see,” Director of Marketing Shelby Taylor said. “... Whether you are a member here that takes advantage of all these amenities on a regular basis, any of our dining options, the Woodlands Grill, the Rice House, the beer garden, the spa, the golf course, those are open for anyone from the local community to utilize on an á la carte basis.”

The USA Today list — which includes locations such as the Greenbrier Resort, Keswick Hall at Monticello and Inn on Biltmore Estate — spoke well of Barnsley Resort, Gordon believed, by highlighting its reputation and amenities in comparison to the competition. Keeping those other locations in mind, he said the resort would not coast along on its reputation, but continue to improve.

“It’s our job to keep moving ahead and we’re not going to rest on our laurels. We have a brand new chef and he’s very interested in growing food right here. We’ve decided to expand our hunting lodge to try to attract new sporting members and obviously Barnsley is a club as well, so we’re always trying to attract new resort members,” he said.

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