Is this the "Change" that was promised?
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Dear Editor,

Where are the Letters to the Editor from my highly critical and opinionated "usual suspects" these days?

President Obama said that his 800 Billion Dollar (plus) Stimulus Bill would create millions of jobs. The net result is the unemployment rate jumped up to 9.6% and is still holding. Most of the stimulus money is being spent on moronic earmarks like turtle tunnels, tea pot museums, and a $750,000 university study for electronic dance routines to name a few. If you are still employed, is your job one of the hundreds of thousands of "jobs saved"? Are you one of the millions of persons that were "touched" by the stimulus money being spent? I'd like to see the president's math on that equation.

President Obama has made it mandatory that you buy Health Insurance whether you want it or not. Don't worry, if you can't afford it you can still go to the emergency room for free health care. The only difference is that you will be "Fined" for not participating in the plan. By the way, our friends at the I.R.S. will collect that "fine" from you one way or another. If you can't afford to pay the "fine" your option may be to go to jail. You will get three hot meals, a cot, and free health care to boot. What a deal!

President Obama also said that the cost of health care would go down. Have you noticed any increase in your personal health insurance premiums yet? Guess what? Medicare premiums will soon follow.

During the "Gulf oil spill crisis" President Obama spent almost every day going around the country making speech after speech campaigning for 2012, or taking a few strolls on the golf course. Due to President Obana's ban on deep sea drilling, oilrigs and thousands of jobs are already leaving the Gulf for parts unknown.

President Obama says that "not going to Vegas" was a good, and money saving idea. I'm sure the locals there really appreciated that bit of advice. Meanwhile, the First Lady heads out to Spain with some of her friends for a lavish sight seeing trip at tax payer's expense. What a great example of frugality and thrift.

President Obama also blames the so-called "obstructionist Republicans" for stopping his agenda. Doesn't he know that the Democratic Party has complete and total control of both houses of congress? Even if all the Republicans will always vote against his agenda the Democrats, with their total majority, can pass anything they want anytime they want to. Who's kidding whom here?

I guess if Bush was still president my "usual suspect" friends would deluge the Letter to the Editor column for days on end moaning and groaning over the very items mentioned above.

Obama is the president now and it has been his watch for the last 18 or so months.

Is this the "Change" that was promised? I don't think so.

Sal Amico