City recognizes importance of community planning
by Brande Poulnot
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What's in a plan? When it comes to mapping the future of Cartersville, a lot of input from residents, according to city officials and leaders celebrating National Community Planning Month. At its Thursday meeting, the city council approved a resolution recognizing the month designated by the American Planning Association as a way to highlight the role of planners and planning in the community.

Planning is the process of envisioning, mapping or otherwise conceiving how a community will look, grow and define itself -- its characteristics, attributes, and identity, the press release states. As communities continue to change and grow, planners play an important role in ensuring that new developments are designed and built in harmony with existing surroundings. Planners must carefully balance the needs and desires of residents against the challenges presented by growth and change not just in the physical realm, but also economically and socially.

"Planning is important because each person is influenced by their surroundings, both manmade and natural, and how those surroundings are developed or preserved and leadership and planning help keep a balance of moving forward in terms of developing properties and sustaining and preserving both the natural and manmade features that are worth keeping," City Planner and professionally certified planner Richard Osborne said.

To reach those goals, leaders and staff recently updated the comprehensive plan, revised landscaping and zoning ordinances, and set urban redevelopment into motion. Next on the agenda are revisions to the city's sign ordinance.

"Planning in Cartersville can not be accomplished without the input of the residents, business owners and others who talk to city staff, elected officials and others," Osborne said. "Documents such as revising our comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance and we're currently revising our sign ordinance -- pieces of the puzzle that help make a community progressive and strong combined with solid community leadership lead to a community that's going to have longevity, that's going to have a strong foundation. And Cartersville is one of the best communities in the state because it has good leadership and good planning but it starts at the level of getting input from our residents and people who own property and own businesses in the community."

The release says good planning gives residents options -- from transportation choices to the type and location of a home to live in to where to shop. Osborne said residents and business owners interested in participating in revisions to the Sign Ordinance, which is now 15 years old, should contact him at or 770-387-5614.

To learn more about National Community Planning Month, visit The American Planning Association represents more than 44,000 members including professional planners, academics, business leaders, students and engaged citizens. APA advocates for good planning practices to keep communities safe, healthy and prosperous.